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  • Hi there

    I don't actually attend that many fairs in Kent - they tend to be outside the county (Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey)!! The few I do in Kent these days are around the £75 a day mark so they are obviously above your ideal stall price of £10.

    You should look into your local schools and see what they have coming up as they tend to be a little less expensive. You should also check with the organiser before you book just how many other stalls they have selling fudge booked in as many of the shows I take a stall at already have one (or two) fudge sellers.

    Have a look on for upcoming fairs - you will find listings at all price ranges so have a good look around. Also if you are willing to travel a little further, your choice will increase. You could also pay to list yourself on Stallfinder (costs £10 a year) and then organisers will contact you too.

    Good luck with your selling - perhaps our paths will cross at a fair sometime!
    Ali x

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