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  • Hello, the name's Alf, need some advice on scroll sawing, bin watching Steve Goods on scrollsaw workshop. Any way brought my scrollsaw about six or seven years ago, took it out of the box looked at it, scratched my head, and put it back,forgot to replace the instruction manual , anyway couple months ago took it out (can't find the instructions), set it up, it was obvious, blade in and tensioned (should ping when plucked, like a note), my blades have pins, so I have to drill larger holes when cutting internal slots, Steve cuts narrower slots because his hasn't, there is a conversion system, can anyone help.

    I read on another forum about the chippy who's saw (same as mine ferm ffz-400n) jumped about, either his blade wasn't tensioned properly or he hasn't fitted a hold down device. Any way mine purred like a kitten. Hope to hear from someone soon. Good luck Stu with the soap,,,,,,tried to post, but needed ten more charaters,so here go's.