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  • hey ya,

    yer i know what you mean when it comes to making! i could never have enough hours ha ha ha! I really think your stuff is very cool and it will go far!!!

    The only other stuff i have is on my website however there are a few more new things i have come up with that i need to add!!

    I too am starting in Jewellery, its really fun and i hope to play about some more with enameling and etching as they create great results (once you have mastered the technique, which i yet need to do! ha ha) got how to do it up on my blog if you want to teach yourself?

    I like your way of taking your time to learn things, i have to admit i just throw myself in at the deep end and see what comes out ha ha ha! had many successes and possibly more disasters doing it that way, but i love it! ha ha ha!