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  • It is thanks to my baby boy, Zach, that I can sit and write this : )

    Since he was born (Oct 2010), he has helped me to see that making jewellery is more than a hobby to me. I have the oppurtunity to create unique items of jewellery (and accessories) and allow others to enjoy wearing (or using) them : )

    As a way of showng my greatfulness for Zach, I used his name to create this company's name, “Enshrined Jewellery … By Nicky ♥”. The name Zach means that “God remembers” (in Hebrew). I wanted a word that I could connect to this meaning that expressed my love for Zach. I came across the word “Enshrined”. One of it's meanings being “to cherish as sacred”. I will always cherish Zach. He is my world ♥ It felt right to use this word in the name, and so became

    “Enshrined Jewellery … By Nicky ♥”.
    Jewellery that is made by the love given to me from my baby boy.
    Love Nicky (and Zach)

    Enshrined Jewellery
    ... By Nicky