We can capture what it is that makes your loved ones unique.Whether it be their hand/foot/fingerprint or even their first work of art.We can then make them into a bespoke,much loved piece of silver jewellery.
Anyone of any age can have their print put into silver, you are never too young or too old! So why stop at the children?Why not get your partners kiss put into the silver or if you are a pet lover a pawprint of your animal friend to cherish forever.
You can have your prints made into a beautiful charm to wear around your neck,wrist as a keyring or simply as a silver keepsake.
Contact us if you have any queries or to organise for us to send you our special easy to use kit,which enables you to take your prints in the comfort of your own home for us to create your unique silver keepsake.
email us on [email protected] or call 07951485008.
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