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  • Hi sweetcheeks,
    yes I've been told about some people not liking to share things with other people and in my eyes that is just not nice a bit of advice never hurt anybody it's not like you want to pinch ideas or how to make them etc but I always think a little help in the right direction can go along way, and for the person to write to you and say that is disgusting and the nerve to apologise after they should of thought first you should of reported them I would of and same applies that would of knocked me for 6 too. But your achieving things you wanted to do with or without help so well done you. I've ordered from whicksnwhacks but the scent was abit strong for my liking and I've just recieved some liquid dye and to be honest it's pretty good stuff I think you will be able to get quite afew candles out of the bottle. xx