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  • I like the idea of a class project (and craftalongs on forums like Craftster, although you don't have a teacher for those). You can see the different slants people put on the same project or pattern and you can end up with everything looking different from one original pattern.
    I'd love to learn beadwork, my attempts to teach myself have turned out pretty wonky haha. I've seen some amazing stuff from beadwork guilds at bead shows and I'd love to be able to get to that level of skill one day. Do you know if there's anywhere around here that teaches it? I'm still trying to scope out all the craft-type things round here but I'm not having much luck! And do you know of any good bead shops? The one in Falmouth closed down like a month after I arrived which was a bit of a bummer, and the only other one I know of is in Truro.
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