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Thread: alternative to sublimation? to print my painting designs onto pottery style mugs.

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    Default alternative to sublimation? to print my painting designs onto pottery style mugs.

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    I am a pet portrait artist that paints onto mugs using pebeo ceramic paint.
    To offer a lower price point I have started to print my designs using sublimation onto standard boring mugs but what i really want to do is work with a potter and put my designs onto more 'raw', 'organic', contemporary, pottery style mugs. I also want these to be durable.

    Can anyone advise what my options are? I am under the impression that perhaps decals and firing in a kiln is my best option but i havent really explored waterslide technique either.

    If anyone can give me advise on this i would be hugely grateful and also if any potters are interested in partnering up and letting me decorate their plates, mugs, bowls etc get in touch!

    Many Thanks,


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    Welcome to the forum Annie.
    Very sorry that I can't help with your query - I am neither an artist nor a potter and have no knowledge of the subject.
    However, we have some very clever and knowledgeable people here and someone may be able to help you.

    I hope you find the answer to your questions.


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