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Thread: Favourite Suppliers

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    Wink Favourite Suppliers

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    Hello peeps!

    As I am starting out, i'm afraid I currently have to revert to google for everything at the moment. It's a nightmare when googling, so much information, so many websites.... My poor head is going to explode

    Anyhow, I am hoping for some direction on suppliers to use. I am of course in the Republic of Ireland. There does not seem to be any reasonable (very expensive) suppliers in southern Ireland so I am aware that I will need to get my supplies from the UK or the US. Obviously the UK will be cheaper (hopefully) on delivery costs etc. so I would rather source the majority of my supplies there. I'd appreciate it if you guy's could give me some direction on suppliers. At the moment I am struggling to source good quality clamshells at a reasonable price.

    Who are your favourite suppliers? And what are your favourite products from them? I know you guys can't post URL's. So maybe a PM?

    Many thanks for your help!! Christina.

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    Hi, we can post links to suppliers but not to sell our own products.

    Really don't know what you need but you can try David at The Candle Cavern for a start. really helpful guy too and may be able to put you in touch with people for things he doesn't supply.

    Sorry this is the best I can do as I'm not a candle maker.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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    Thank you MornieG Jewellery

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    You got a lot to search but easiest way is google

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    Hi Christina!

    I get wax, wicks and essential oils from Tender Essence, they're in the UK and I know they can ship to Ireland. Might be a bit more expensive shipping if you're buying lots of wax but more reasonable price than the US for sure. They sell soy wax which is all natural which is why I like them so much.

    Hope this helps! I'll PM you a link


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