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Thread: Sunday 17th

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    Default Sunday 17th

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    Morning All

    Well the howling wind was dreadful last night then we got hail battering the bedroom window, all in all a horrible night. Will have to check for damage to fences etc later.

    Hope George is not meds compliant with the haddock Linda. Luckily with a golden retriever they are pigs, stick a pill in a lump of cheese and goes straight down with no chewing or tasting, such philistines!

    How are the water levels Dave? Stay dry.

    Sorry Shelley should have been MOT, hit the N and never noticed. Hope your crocheting went well.

    Hope all goes well today Mo and Oscar has a great Birthday as 3 is soooo old. Your manager is a PITA. By the way can you explain to Pete what a shrug is (cross between a shawl and a rug!!!!)

    Not much planned today but must pop to the farm as need some eggs and milk. Just the right front to do on the waistcoat, join together then do the bands. Going to use my new circular needle for this as will be easier than doing in 2 halves. Still to finish the slumber party bags, got distracted by my knitting. Still got one done and on my website so not all bad.

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Well, considerable change here this morning - we have bright sunshine, it's dry, overall wind speed has dropped but still strong gusts around. Only rain forecast is a shower late afternoon/early evening.

    Yesterday, did the usual essentials in the morning then actually got the fair stuff sorted in terms of cloths, stands, notices etc. The rest of the day was spent on more family history, a bit of knitting, and out for a meal early evening.

    Today, most of the tidying is done but could do with getting some hot soapy water on the kitchen floor - I wonder whether it's worth it with two sets of four paws and a pair of size nines trailing in and out without consideration, but hygiene wins Have got another load of jars and bottles in the dishwasher so they will need lidding and space to be found on the shelves for them. Still about more to go but no urgent need for them so will be done as and when the dishwasher is run and there is space to fit a few around the plates and dishes. Apart from that it's looking like another slobbing around day.

    Sounds like you've got plenty on to keep you occupied today Caroline, hope there's no damage to your property.
    Mo - your AM needs to have some urgent and in-depth training in staff management and relations. Sorry to hear you are losing your long standing and dependable volunteers. It sounds like life could get very difficult in the shop - don't push yourself so hard you damage your health trying to do everything the idiots at Head Office demand.
    Dave - how is the weather over there, and what is the crafting/fairs/social craft life at the moment? Are you running yourself ragged trying to get everything done?
    Shelley - strange that crocheting with company there isn't considered rude, but knitting or sewing is! I haven't done any crochet for some time, but no doubt I'll get the urge again at some point.


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    Weather here much calmer, still a bit breezy, but sunny, mild and dry.

    Last night was wet and windy, didn't get to sleep for ages. Had a long lie to make up for it.

    Still working on my 3D die projects interspersed with some crochet here and there.

    No need to apologise Caroline, it was just a typo and I worked it out, glad I was right.
    Dogs are so easy to give pills to, with ours it was the forbidden cat food that went down with out touching the sides. If our eldest cats gets a whiff of pill she just refused point blank to eat anything remotely possible of hiding a pill in for at least an hour or so. She has learned to suck cheese off the pill and spit it out. Now though I think I might have cracked it, ham with cream cheese as a glue rolled up with pill in it, give two or three pill free and by then they are going down with out chewing.
    I thought it was hysterical - a cross between a shawl and a rug.

    Linda you are going to be well prepared for the weekend. Kitchen floors, I sometimes wonder why they don't wear away with all the sweeping and washing they get. I have a steam cleaner and its a whizz. No soap residue to worry about with all the little paws about, drys in no time too.
    I wouldn't have thought any handwork that you do while joining in the conversation would not be rude, my gran, my mum and aunt would sit and do handwork most of the time, probably where I got my crafty bug from

    Mo hope your weekend is pleasant and you find time for some pyro. I wouldn't worry about not knowing what a shrug is Pete, its not something I expect you to have ever worn so why would you know

    Dave out detecting? if its as nice where you are as it is here, you should have a great time.

    HAGD all.
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