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Thread: Saturday 16th

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    Default Saturday 16th

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    Morning all

    Escaped to the study to get away from the sound of racing cars coming from the tv in the bedroom. The noise gets to me after a while.

    Rain due later but dry atm still with gusts of wind. Yesterday made it back to the car and then the heavens opened, the drive back was a bit hair raising, only letting up when we got into the Hindhead tunnel.

    Cooking a breakfast today as sandwiches and soup, half of each left over from yesterday. Bought some lovely sandwiches from M & S but a whole round is too much. Almost out of eggs so no cake made yet, have to decide do I go round the shop today or tomorrow when the weather is better!

    Photography of finished products first then start the embroidery on the slumber party bags. Must do my blog as normally done and scheduled by now. All behind and confused with the days. Thought the NMOT was Tuesday, good job I checked as Wednesday. What am I like?

    HAGO and BBL x

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    Morning all! Wild and windy again today, very strong gusts forecast. Had rain overnight and more forecast throughout the day. Temperature above freezing, but not a particularly enjoyable day in prospect.

    Yesterday, did nothing much after George's visit to the vets. Finally got the call with the results - potassium still within acceptable range but has dropped since last visit, probably due to not being able to get full dose down him all the time. Hope it will be easier now we have the smoked haddock as a carrier Did more family history - finished one book full of odd facts, so can discard that now, and a bit more knitting done.

    Today, had a disturbed night (nothing new) but went back to sleep after last disturbance and didn't wake until 8 ish. Usual clearing to be done, and really must make a practical start on getting stuff together for next weekend's event. Undecided whether to watch the GPs this year, since it appears I won't be able to see any complete races this season (only freeview channels in this house). Out for pub meal this evening, just as heavy rain is expected

    Sounds like your day is organised Caroline - and you've reminded me I need to get eggs and do some lemon curd for the stall next weekend. Also must remember to get the Bramley Lemon Curd out of the freezer and labelled.
    Mo - shop day today? Hope all goes well; don't suppose the AM will be in touch - probably doesn't work weekends.
    Dave - keeping occupied and out of mischief?
    Shelley - hope you both had a lovely day yesterday and did everything you wanted.


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    Morning all....

    Blowing a gale this morning, the river is right up, flood defences up at Shrewesbury, no doubt we’ll be next....that won’t help the businesses as they close the wharfage off. Many reported takings 80% down on the year due to the bridge being covered up until recently.
    Was going to get in the garden today, that looks unlikely now....
    Have a goodun all

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    Afternoon all,

    Came on earlier, typed loads and then the site dumped me, I had clicked remember me so don't know what happened. Anyway here goes again.

    Yesterday did not go to plan, no hoovering, no cake baking but lots of visitors and customers. He did like his card, the one thing I got done on time I will bake his cake tomorrow. I did a another crochet square yesterday, somehow its not rude to crochet with visitors and figured out that I was not doing as much crochet because of the way I had stored it so I changed that and now its easier to get at. I am also working on a few 3D die cutting projects too.

    I am impressed with your output Caroline, you will be well stocked for your event. Racked my brains for ages what NMOT was, figured it was a typo and was supposed to be MOT.

    Linda glad George is ok and the new meds delivery method should help. You are going to be well prepared for next weekend.

    Hope you aren't blown away Dave, gardening is definitely off today.

    Mo busy in the shop, Pete turning?

    HAGD all, stay safe.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Evening all.

    Blowing a Hoolie still here with rain on and off. Still it was the best Saturday of the year so far in the shop. If it wasn't for the market being closed down on Thursday because of the weather we may have almost make target, but will never know.

    Stupid woman rang again for me yesterday when I told her I wasn't in. Even sent her my working calendar for the next two months so she can see when I'm in the shop. How she can call three times all on the days I'm not there is beyond me. Pete says it's so she can justify herself to big boss by saying 'I have called her thee times and every time she wasn't there to take my call'. Reckon she's avoiding me LOL

    My No2 volunteer has decided to call it quits at the end of the month. Sort of knew it was coming. She has done 10 years there and would have left if I hadn't been persuaded to take over as Manager. Her Husband has had 2 TIA's last week so that has brought the decision forward as he won't be able to drive for three months. With my No1 volunteer on long term sick, and I suspect she won't be back although she wants to be, I'm really stuffed for help. Saturday I will be totally on my own all day. Hard enough anyway but exhausting without any relief at all. Just can't get volunteers these days.

    Time for a glass of wine and an evening watching The Voice while my man makes us fish pie for dinner.

    Off to my sisters for a little ceremony to bury her husbands ashes tomorrow morning then we have to go to Cornwall for GG Oscar's 3rd birthday, my doesn't time fly. Monday off to see new grandson then home, phew.

    Hoping the lottery comes up with a winning line tonight and I can say stuff your job on Tuesday LOL

    Shame Simon didn't get his birthday cake but sure he will enjoy it all the more when it arrives Shelley.

    Glad George is ok sure he will enjoy the Haddock.

    Hope you stay safe from the flooding Dave.

    Have a good evening all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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