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Thread: Saturday 9th

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    Default Saturday 9th

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    Morning all! Weather was beautifully bright and sunny when I got up but has now clouded over and is blowing a very chilly wind. Looks like we're about to get the couple of hours of rain that was forecast. Hope it follows through and brightens up later.

    Yesterday I finished the reducurrant jelly - hardly worth the work as I got only a couple of small jars out of it, but at least the freezer has another bit of space free. I managed to sort out another box of stuff and get rid of some bits (went upstairs to look for another part done project to finish) ended up starting another knitting project, but with a bags of various colours of yarn that had been hanging around for years.

    Today, need to pop into Barton, but not sure what else is on the cards. Hoping to watch my friend's flyball team on one of the Crufts programmes - would be nice if they get through to the final again this year.

    What is everyone up to this morning? Struggling to get online again?
    Glad to hear Mo and Pete are back safely, and hoping you've had a great time. Welcome to the British weather


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    Morning All

    Still got internet problems and due for another 55 hours of intermittent service. They did say a major problem, will be looking for a refund this time. They seem to be connecting us for small periods of time.

    Working on the t-shirts, have done 3 so half way through.

    Starting to cast on the frill on the shrug today, now I have a long circular needle will be no stopping me, thank you to the needle fairy.

    I love the flyball on Crufts Linda must take a look.

    HAGO x

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    Afternoon all,

    Dry, sunny and mild here but quite windy.

    I got a new light for my desk, its an LED one and its really good. It gives true colours and sharp shadows, might even be good for photos, now there's an idea to try soon.

    Still making cards, some Patchwork style ones this time. Then I need to work through all the dies I haven't used yet, and see what I come up with.

    I tried taking part in a challenge posted on FB. Sketch outlines of card layouts, its up to you how you interpret it. I put some effort into the first one but apparently the winner is the who posts the most. So I decided to use things I have already cut and not used for other things to see how quick it could be but I felt that my quality went way down as I "made do" so I have given up, I am not going to sacrifice quality for quantity. To be honest I think other people had also given up quality for quantity or maybe they didn't care normally. Anyway it was all a bit ummm sort of childish. I thought it would be fun having a brief but not in that circumstances.

    Well done on the current jelly Linda, enjoy your flyball, hope your friend does well.

    Intrigued by what you might be doing on the t-shirts Caroline. Enjoy.

    Dave busy?

    Mo and Pete settling back in to the British weather?

    HAGD all.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly42 View Post
    Afternoon all,

    Mo and Pete settling back in to the British weather?

    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci


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    Afternoon all.

    Made a reasonably early start to get going to do some errands. Weather was dull and very windy but the sun is shining now although a tad blustery. Temperature could be worse it was snowing when we arrived back last year.

    Well the phone is sorted, I apologise for doubting carphone warehouse as they are repairing, or replacing if that's not possible, the phone under warrenty. Didn't realise it had a 2 year warrenty and it's 18months old. Even given me a basic phone on loan till mine is sorted, transferred my SIM so my number is the same along with all my contacts as well.

    Funny thing on the plane home. We were being served breakfast and one of the stewards said to Pete, I think I know you, have to travelled to or from Muscat before ? Yes Pete said, last year. Oh that's it then thought I recognised you.

    All the thousands of people that must travel on these regular flights every week and he remembered Pete LOL Keep telling him he's memorable at 6ft 4ins with a full head of shoulder length white hair at his age. Often gets called people like Sam Neill or Billy Connally and this morning in specsavers, Richard Branson, though don't know quite where that one came from can't see the resemblance myself ?

    So this morning bills paid, called into work, did a food shop, Pete made another hearing test appointment, sorted phone, went to the garden centre for a gift, maybe time for a rest now LOL

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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