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Thread: Silhouette Cameo cutting

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    Default Silhouette Cameo cutting

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    Hi, my name's Vicki and I've been doing papercrafting for a few years now but have just had my interest aroused in more construction projects. I've got a Silhouette Cameo which is great for all my papercrafting needs but the construction projects I've looked at use 1000 micron construction board. I'm trying to find out whether my Silhouette will cut this thickness of board or whether I need to get another cutting machine. I believe the Brother Scan 'n Cut can do this but I'd rather stick with my Silhouette if I can. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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    Hello Vicki and welcome to the forum.

    Sorry I can't offer any assitance with your query about the cutting machines, but I'm pretty sure we have a couple of members who might have some advice. Please be patient and no doubt someone will come along sooner or later.


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    I think it is possible but you need the deep cut blade and you have to go in to your settings and choose the relevant settings for the material you are using. Have you looked through the possibilities in your settings?

    This video shows the basics and is by no means the complete answer but gives me the impression that if you look enough, you should be able to find the answers to your questions.

    1000 micron is 1mm thick so logic says if the settings allow for 1mm cut then it should be possible. I am no expert with this machine. I am a die cutter and I use a Gemini. I can cut quite thick card using multi media dies or deep dish dies. I work in gsm and can't work out what 1000 micron is in gsm because of the way its measured is not a straightforward calculation. I can cut 300gsm with relative ease and 350gsm with 2 passes or maybe 3. Multi media allow thicker card stock or several layers of material (cloth) to be done.

    Is there not a FAQ on a forum or help site specifically for your machine? If not I would just type your question in to the search engine of your choice and see what you get.

    I don't suppose this has helped but I hope maybe it has a bit.
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