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Thread: Friday 7th

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    Default Friday 7th

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    Morning All

    Done my back pushing 2 gallons of fish water in a trolley that would not work, very painful apart from a card to make resting today, AGAIN!!!!! Needs to be better by Christmas.

    New Waitrose delivery lad this week, only looked about 14! must have been at least 17. They get the lads from Churchers College in Petersfield, think they have broken up or just about to. Very polite but tried to give me 2 bags that were not mine, did get mine in the end but he was so nervous, poor chap. It is a big task as so many compartments to get the goods out of. Then on unpacking found I had 2 packs of deli crisps, pack of AA batteries and prunes yukk! Rang the store they said to keep them, my sister can have the prunes as disgusting. Remember we used to have them twice a week at boarding school, with custard.

    Hope you get done all you need/want to today.

    HAGD x

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    Morning all...

    Got to take the car in today, thatíll be a 4 figure job methinks.. 😩 thatís the Thegas fortune blown, sorry kids 😂
    Got a cut to deliver, bit ofhousework, nothing much today.
    Watch that back Caroline..


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    Morning all.

    Not a good one at all it's absolutely hammering it down with rain, so hard at one time I lookedd like fog couldn't see the bottom of the drive. Back in the shop today should be having my day off but AM father was rushed into hospital yesterday lunchtime so she is at his bedside :-( so 5 day week this week for me. Hoping I can take an extra day next week in lieu. Have so few days to get stuff done now for Christmas. Pete is a gem doing housework, cooking,washing and ironing though, so lucky.

    Ouch Caroline, it's so easy to hurt your back once you have a weakness there. Take care you want to be fighting fit for Christmas.

    Hope the car is not as bad as you are thinking Dave. Mine has to go in for it's MOT next week, not good timing.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all. Very damp outside from overnight rain, quite a breeze and temperatures sliding downwards.

    Yesterday, ended up doing very little. Got essential chores done, soak in the bath with a good book for a couple of hours and slobbed around for the rest of the day. Unbelievably tired in the evening so went to bed early.

    Today, essential chores nearly all done, pack car later and head off to school mid-afternoon. Not expecting to do many sales but conscience will be clear for having supported the local community this week. Hoping OH will do tea as this event always exhausts me - so many people, children bouncing around and non-stop noise from all directions - too much for me to cope with!

    Caroline - you really must be very careful with your back; resting today will be good - try alternating hot and cold compresses (they can often prevent the muscle from "setting" because of being in a fixed position all the time).
    Mo - sorry to hear about AM's father (hope all turns out well), and a flippin' nuisance you having to be in the shop again today. Lucky you have Pete - he certainly is a gem (thinking diamond here ).
    Dave - hope the car isn't quite as costly as anticipated - fingers crossed.
    Lilly - how is it going? Novelty of the new machine still as strong?

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    Hello all,

    Rain hammering it down here too, seems to have let off now and there is a bit of sun. Still mild.

    Sorry to hear about your back Caroline, I always get really cross with myself when I do it. Fingers crossed hasn't happened for awhile. Get better soon.

    Mo another day in the shop, I would expect you to have a day in lieu. Shame as to reason why you are there, hope for the best.

    Car can't cost that much can it?, I mean a whole family fortune, anyway hope its not too bad Dave.

    Wow 2 hours in the bath Linda, I enjoy a good soak but thats too long for me. Do you feel rested and full of energy today? Hope the event is not too stressful.

    I am still very happy with my new machine, just had so many other things to do this week. I also think I was feeling a bit down with the cat's diagnosis. But cheering up a bit now as I realise he is still himself and I will just try and enjoy the time we have. I also like to have a clear desk as it were, with nothing needed to be done for the business or in the house for a few days. I find I tend to get on a roll and I don't like to have interruptions. Need to go out to the shops, pick up some pills for the cat. Still trying to get the hoovering done probably on Sunday and Monday although I have an appointment at the opticians Monday so we will see. Haha

    Have several ideas in my head for cards and changed my mind about how to do the wedding pictures for my friend, going to do an accordion style card with pictures and decorations. I will make a start later today.

    Have a good day everyone.
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