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Thread: Thursday 6th

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    Default Thursday 6th

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    Morning All

    Really rough yesterday felt fine to begin with then by 10am felt as if run over by a freight train. Achy and sneezy, glands up just did nothing but lie on the sofa. Much better today so not sure what it was, a 24 hour thing. Still ache a bit this morning but nothing like yesterday. Going to Country Market this morning and will take a couple of Panadol's to make sure I can make it through an hour.

    Cards being posted today, all the gift boxes have arrived at their destination and Lee, yes I did say Lee wrapped my gifts.

    Waitrose delivery first thing and everything in stock, let's hope I have remembered everything I needed. Starting my list for next week now and the final deliver on the 22nd.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Still dark, but not raining at the moment and most definitely much warmer than yesterday.

    Yesterday, stock picked and packed for school fair, gift wrapped half a dozen individual jars to sell at pocket money prices (primary school so children don't have lots of spending power, but there are always some who want to buy a special little gift for someone). Stock list prepared, but not printed yet, tables, cloths, stands etc put ready. Application form filled in for a couple of fairs next year. Wrote more cards, but probably won't post until next week (there's always some cards arriving that I haven't reciprocated so will give me chance to do those).
    More knitting done and more TV recordings watched.

    Today, need to pop into Barton for a couple of bits, deliver fairs application, butcher's on the way home. Not sure what else, but as always there will be something to claim my attention.

    Sorry you're not feeling on top form Caroline. Hope you're right and it's a 24 hour thing which is on its way out now. I woke up with a bunged up nose, but that does seem to be clearing now I've got moving.
    Shop today Mo - see what delights the powers that be have decided on during your day off?
    Dave - wonderful cut, no wonder you didn't have time to pop in here
    Lilly - how goes it? Hope there's no more evidence of little visitors in the kitchen.


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    Hello everyone,

    Dry and dull but warmer here.

    It has been busy here, customers returning and collecting hires and others buying things. I have also been trying to organise the collection of a parcel to go to a school in wales, managed to get it done for collection today and delivery tomorrow, which they will be pleased about. Its all good.

    Did the orders for Xmas stock for the shop Tuesday, some has already arrived. I will have to price it all up and put it out.

    I did decide to swap the board for the card rack. I am glad I did. It looks much better, lighter, brighter and more professional. Its also much easier to move cards about and show customers. That and my twirly stand it is now very well organised.

    Some paperwork for the business this afternoon, more laundry to do, general tidying and sweeping in the shop, then I am going to order my new pearlesent paper and I think also some card. My birthday present to myself, its 10 days away so should arrive in time.

    I also need to start writing Xmas cards and sending them, a few to the USA, Japan and Ukraine need to go soon.

    Caroline, glad to hear you are recovering, lets hope it was only a 24 hour thing. Enjoy the market.

    Linda as usual keeping busy, hope you have a good journey to Barton,

    Dave it was a wonderful cut, again I was amazed and astounded.

    Another shop day Mo? enjoy

    HAGD all.

    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Afternoon all, sorry for being absent...busy cutting away as you have probably seen.
    Car is playing up so its off to the “Main Stealers” tomorrow.
    Just got back from walking the dog and she’s limping...probably a sympathy vote...
    If Yodel leave one more parcel dumped on the step or sticking out of the letterbox its not going to end well for them....
    Got more parcels here than Santa’s Grotto, they all move out but keep this as the postal address so muggins here has to go to the post office for any “ Attempted deliveries” with the “Red card of doom”.
    Caroline, glad you are getting overvthe bug, lots around atm...
    Linda and Lilly, good to hear you are busy.

    HAGO all


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