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Thread: Easy Crafts Ideas at Home - Should See DIY Unicorns

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    Default Easy Crafts Ideas at Home - Should See DIY Unicorns

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    Awesome crafts and life hack solutions that improve your life and make your day more fun! If you enjoyed each lifehack then please subscribe and life our video for more fun crafts and awesome DIY creations that you should know!

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    Make some cool crafts with a hot glue gun

    Get slimy gum off your pants in a clean way using ice

    Make home a decoration of a clock (You can even customize the decor on the clock to make it Christmas themed - a true Christmas idea! It can even be a good Christmas gift idea if your friends like homemade clocks! Too bad my friends probably won't haha!

    Much easy life hacks for hiding money to hide in a school class or walking around.
    -and more tricks and tips that are simple!

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    I saw your Youtube. The concept is nice but my advice to you, is that if you wanna grow your Youtube channel, is to get a more HD camera and better lighting. Moreover, the format should be horizontal for youtube and not vertical filming.

    But good nice videos!

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