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Thread: Sunday 2nd

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    Default Sunday 2nd

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    Morning all! Still dark, but feels comparatively warm, not raining and not aware of much breeze.

    Usual flying visit before I head out. Feeling very tired, but thankfully today is only a half day and I don't have to do all the setting up and taking down, although I've got enough produce in the car to do a regular stall on my own. Belt and braces job in that we'd rather have too much stuff than not enough and lose potential future sales as well as sales today.

    Back later to catch up with goings on.


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    Morning All

    Good luck for today Linda and have a rest this pm.

    Hope Mo is resting today.

    Dave cutting?

    Lily card making?

    V stamping gift wrap.

    I got not a lot done yesterday apart from the rest of the decorations, lovely lunch from M & S. Up ravelled my cowl neck thingy as think went wrong. Will start again maybe in the NY.

    Today? still to get the photographs done but been so dull, may get the light tent out.

    HAGO x

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    Good morning all.

    Damp but brighter at the moment. No intention of going out today but have a list of things to do. Not had a good nights sleep so taking it slowly.

    Pete has to get some articles for a magazine in so a bit of proof reading required. He needs to get appropriate photos done as well. He has been commissioned to do a series of 13 over the next year in a national turning magazine. His articles will be alongside the best in the turning world so a lot of kudos and exposure for him which he so deserves ( proud wife ).

    We have an order for more hairsticks from a lady who has already had a dozen after Hyde Hall in the summer they are made but I have to bead a couple of them.

    Also need to try a find a couple of Christmas gifts on line as I don't really have the time or inclination to wander aimlessly around town after town. Probably have a trip to Bath or Salisbury but that will be it.

    Hope you have a successful day Linda.

    Sympathise with the photos Caroline. Hate using the light box and we have just got rid of ours as we never use it. The light in the south facing conservatory is very good along with a large roll of white paper to curve up behind it and make a background.

    Have a relaxing day whatever you are up to all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Well, here I am - finally!

    Yesterday was a very long and tiring day. Sadly, out of 22 stalls available and booked 6 in one room failed to turn up and left one half of the middle of the room vacant and looking derelict, one stall packed up and left at 3.00pm (event was 11am to 7pm). Morning and most of the afternoon were very very slow - a mere trickle of a trickle of customers. 5.45pm to 7.00pm were very busy with visitors but the amount of buying didn't match the number of people. Haven't done the figures, but I think I just about scraped enough sales to cover the day's costs. Nothing exciting in the way of stalls and I don't think any of them, except me, had cloths to the floor - some didn't even have cloths on the tables. Too many stallholders sitting back with heads in books or playing with phones most of the day. Doubt I'll go there again (regular events are only three hours (9-12) on a Saturday. Thank goodness for some friendly, chatty stallholders near to me.

    Today was quieter than expected and than last year according to regulars. We got rained on, so I have labels drying out and some that will need to be replaced. However, I made a few sales, and did some shopping - got artisan apricot & walnut bread, some sausages that have no seasoning in them, and a couple of gift packs of beer for presents and a free bottle of beer for me

    OH has actually done the washing up, but there will be plenty of clearing up and sorting out for me to do tomorrow. The rest of today is relaxing and an early night.

    Hope you managed to get the photographs done Caroline.
    Sounds like Pete has still got his hands full with stuff to do (I know you always have an endless list of stuff Mo, just like the rest of us!).
    Have you been busy playing Lilly, now your new plate has arrived?
    How are the family and the cuts/sales etc doing Dave? Hope all is well.
    V - are you making progress with the gift wrap? You have more patience than me, much as I like the idea I can't be bothered to collect the stuff together, clear space and do the necessary work which wouldn't be appreciated anyway

    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

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    Hello all,

    Weather not too bad dry, not windy and not too cold.

    Whaaa what a day. No card making done with my new plate today or yesterday. Had to deal with an invasion of rat(s) in the kitchen. Noticed yesterday morning all the fluff and dust from under the dishwasher was out on the floor just in front of it. Found poop in the cupboard with the bin and thought either the cats have brought something in that got away or something is getting in, went outside to investigate and saw that the mortar around the pipe to the outside tap has all crumbled/chewed away. So he filled the holes, any holes that they could possibly get in. Spent the rest of yesterday afternoon cleaning and some more cleaning today. also clearing everything from the wall outside to stop them have hidey places to dig into the wall again.

    Caroline, hope your photo session went well, I have stopped using my light box too Mo, because I found with the cards I get a better result photographing from the top and the ambient light is good enough.

    Its a shame your event was a bit of a damp squib Linda, defiantly sounds like a good idea to give it a miss. At least it wasn't too long a day.

    Congrats to Pete, well done on becoming a published author and in the right place from the sounds of it. Have nice relaxing day Mo.

    I don't have very many xmas presents to buy this year. Most of the people I knew who we shared Xmas with have either moved away or have got children and grandchildren and Xmas is all about them for some. My parents are both gone as are Simon's and we never did Xmas with his brother or my 2. We were kind of the black sheep of the family, having decide to start our business in what they thought of as a bit on the wild side, because we were involved with the world of rock and roll. I have already ordered Simon's and thats about it. Cards for lots of people though, will start that soon.

    Tomorrow more cleaning in the kitchen, getting the steam cleaner into all the nooks and crannies and under all the cupboards, means taking all the kick boards off, hoovering first and steaming. Hopefully that will be that.

    Then finally some card making Yeah!!!

    Dave being busy?

    Wonder how V is getting on with her wrapping paper?

    Have a good evening all.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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