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Thread: Saturday 1st

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    Default Saturday 1st

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    Morning All

    It's December only 24 days more to go. shiloh's advent is now up, a large stitched affair with pockets. This means he will now live on the half landing until taken down and empty of treats!

    Good luck today Linda.

    Is it a shop day Mo get confused with your schedule, if so hope goes well and no idiots. If not enjoy your day off.

    Dave more cutting?

    Lily what are your plans for today?

    V how are you getting on with the stamping.

    For me? finally getting down to photographing the earrings and putting on Ebay. The jiffy bags arrived. After coffee will be finishing the decorations, did the hearth last night.

    HAGO X

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    Morning all. Not sure what the weather is like except it's not raining at the moment and I think it's quite chilly.

    Usual flying visit before I set off.

    Yesterday, managed to exercise sweeping brush and vacuum, but didn't get round to the mopping; got car packed and stuff ready for tomorrow as much as I can, remembered a couple more bits to put in the car for today. MIL not discharged from hospital - on cardiac ward with IV diuretics as retaining fluid and concerns re heart. Will be in at least a couple more days.

    Today, setting off soon as have a couple of things to do before I head to venue, so need a bit of extra travel time for that. Discovered today's event encompasses the village Christmas lights switch on which explains why it goes on into this evening (hadn't realised when I booked, assuming it was the regular market times, and no information has been forthcoming about that).

    Sounds like you had "one of those days" yesterday Lilly. Hope everything worked out OK, and I'm really sorry to hear about your cat, hope the treatment is effective for him and he maintains his quality of life.

    HAGO all

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    Good morning all.

    Hammering it down with rain and wind and still not quite light yet.

    Shop again today, hoping the flasher doesn't return tonight LOL Lights were switched on in town last night, Jen did the late shift and went early on Thursday to compensate. Will see if it brought in any custom or just people wandering around killing time till the parade started.

    Did a bit of Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon to fill the advent calendar. We are each doing alternate days with just small foodie treats. That's the first of the decorations up the rest can wait here for a couple of weeks, need to sort the shopping first.

    Hope your event goes well Linda and the photography Caroline.

    Really sorry to hear about your cat Lilly.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all,

    Wet and rainy here. Not too cold though so ok.

    Yes sad news about the cat, he is 15 and half so not that unexpected, at this rate mummy cat is going to outlive her babies. She is 17 and half. I am glad to have him for a while longer, he really is ok at the moment , no pain or anything so we carry on.

    My visit to the shop to view shop fittings was fruitful, I came back with a twirly card stand on wheels. I have put all my cards in it and it looks so professional, I had to do a double take, yes it really is my work. I now have my original card stand free and am contemplating using it instead of the board in the window, I know , I know its not even been up a week ,but I think it would look much better and professional and will free up one shelf in the window and let the light back in.

    Going to start planning the album for my friend over the weekend and start making asap. I also bought a cheap pack of different wood veneers off cuts with the plan to use my new machine to cut the veneer and do some marquetry or parquetry. (Yes it will do that)

    No advent calendars here, Xmas starts the 16th December which is my birthday, part of my birthday is putting up the tree and the decos. I don't like have them up too early and it works well, it means my birthday doesn't get lost in Xmas. Simon has always been really good about making sure my birthday is separate from Xmas. Sometimes I ask for a big pressy for both but he can't resist and always has something for me to open under the tree, so its win, win.

    Hope the photography goes well Caroline, that reminds me I need to put some more pictures on FB.

    Safe travels Linda and hope you have a good day and sell everything

    Mo surely he won't come back after the way you spoke to him, if does I would ring the police, it might not bother you but it might upset others. It would probably make me laugh but I am made of tough stuff. Have a good day in the shop.

    Dave being busy?

    Will we see V?

    HAGD all.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Morning all...

    Was expecting a call to do a craft fair but looks like no cancellations, not surprising this side of Christmas...
    Wet and windy here, took Flo out, just got back, she’s black as coal 😆 she finds the stairs door ajar and leaps on to the bed again..😂
    Busy today, yes, started a Harry Clarke “ Morella” cut, A3, had a new mattress delivered that needs taking from the plastic covering and the bed making up, such is my prowess with duvet covers ( Not..)
    Amy and Baby Daniel en route courtesy of Sue...
    Hope all events go smoothly and are profitable, hope all are ok.


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