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Thread: Thursday 29th

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    Default Thursday 29th

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    Morning All

    Well has been wild since about noon yesterday, the house has been battered will have to check for damage to fences etc later. We are due to go to Alton today but as cross country not sure that is going to happen as all country lanes.

    Decorating finished, I went round and did the snagging touch up's. Just need to sort the fish tank now. Stuck in the middle of the doors but not going back against the wall as too heavy and tends to make the wall mouldy. Will see Jack today, if we get there, about a new fish tank or they to to my BIL on Tuesday.

    Have a long list of things 'To Do' not sure how many I will get done today, will wait and see.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Wild and windy here and has been heavy rain but that's easing off now. More expected around midday, and yellow warning for strong winds up until early afternoon. However, according to the national forecast it looks like we'll be lucky again and avoid the very worst of the weather.

    Yesterday, shopping looking for various bits and ended up going to Brigg and then Immingham without finding most of the bits I wanted. Took all morning to get some small post-its and some sticky dots! OH went to visit his mother, but before he got home there was a call to say she was being taken to hospital following a GP visit - ambulance awaited. So I tried OH but mobile not turned on (pretty usual), then phoned her granddaughter-in-law to let her know - seems she now has a job (I didn't know) so hope she got the voicemail. Told OH when he got home, but appears not currently a life threatening situation and no news has come from that direction yet. Will phone later and see if anyone is there. Managed to finish knitting the second glove, so if necessary I can take it with me Saturday and do the sewing up in any quiet periods during the market.

    Today, done the usual tidying up and sorting out. Have my list of stock to pack for Saturday so must get that done. Will make a start on packing some stuff for reserve on Sunday, but won't know any specific requirements until late Saturday night. Not planning anything else in case we get a call about MIL and have to take some action - will be a 1 hour drive on country roads if we have to go over there for anything.

    Glad you've got the decorating finished Caroline, but a good plan to leave the fish tank where it is for the moment. Don't push too hard to get the To Do list completed - I'm sure there are things that can wait.
    Mo - back in the shop today? Hope the willow reindeer haven't multiplied!
    Dave - sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday; hope you've recovered.
    Lilly - any feedback from your window display of craft work?


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    Blowing a Hooley down here plus raining. Need to get up in a bit, take Flo for a run, take 3 bags to 3 different “Chazzes”....(Charity shops, sorry Mo, 😂 ), get back, shove the hoover around, get showered again to visit the lovely Julia to be bent and cracked all shapes...
    Hope no one has storm damage...



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    Hello all

    Blew a good one last night, tepee poles are over again, not much else damaged from what I could see.

    My shopping trip was good yesterday, got the album and a nice desk organiser clear acrylic, made by Osco, I have quite a few of their things, I also bought some Foam board. No plans for it just thought it would be useful for crafts or signs in the shop.

    One of our local book shops has moved and I got a message yesterday that there are a lot of shop fittings going (know one of the people involved) going to have a look this afternoon. should be fun, might get a freestanding twirly card stand or 2, there are some. There might be other stuff useful for the shop. So thats my afternoon's plan.

    Still waiting for my cutting plate grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Good going on the decorating Caroline, you didn't hang around there. I hadn't thought about fish tanks making the wall mouldy, I suppose they up the humidity in general.

    Sorry to hear about your MIL Linda, hope all goes well. The window display has promoted comments but no sales yet, but its early days. Hope you get sorted for the event this weekend. its always a pain when you go out to buy things and don't find what you want.
    I am guessing Mo has had the sense to separate the reindeer accordingly to avoid reindeer multiplying, bit like hamsters hope the shop goes well today Mo.

    Dave your day sounds sorted, hope all goes to plan and you are not too broken after visiting "the lovely Julia"

    HAGD everyone and hope no one is too badly affected by the wind and rain.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Evening all.

    No time to log on this morning. Blustery night here too but couldn't see any damage.

    Had a good day clearing up and started on cleaning. Took all the blind down in the conservatory, one of the sofa covers and covers off a chair with misc cushion covers and had a huge washing session.Pete bless him had ironed them all when I got home today all ready to rehang and put all the covers back on. Just the big sofa to do next week.

    Great to get a bit straight and move some things on to the Charity shop. I have been keeping my old and dead overlocker. It hasn't be made for about 2 years and the service agent can no longer get spares. I have had it for about 25 years. I have a new one but still hung onto it so off it went to metal recycling as it weighs a ton, none of this cheap lightweight plastics of today. That gave a bit more space. Got rid of stuff from when I was working full time some 8 years ago now, never going to use it again so out it went. Great feeling but still lots to do.

    Shop day and lots of paperwork to do including a quarterly report on my Assistant who is fandabbidozy ...... good grief that's showing my age LOL

    Had the joy of a flasher this evening just before closing. When he came in I knew there was something odd about him so hovered 'tidying up' as I was sure he was going to nick something. Looking at only the expensive things and new stock, picking up the same things over and over. Decided enough was enough and said I'm closing up now so he decided to flash me !!! Told him I have seen bigger ones on a one year old and to F*** off, which he did but kept gesturing at me through the door as I locked it behind him. Pathetic piece of humanity. Told Pete when he arrived to collect me ten minutes later I'm sure if he had still been about Pete would have decked him and he's not a violent man LOL

    You see all sides of life in a Charity Shop.

    Hope MIL is OK Linda and there is no need for a call out.

    Did you get some nice shop fittings Lilly ?

    Nearly there Caroline.Have you decided on a smaller tank or do away with it altogether ?

    Hope the back is better after your TLC

    Have a good evening all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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