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Thread: Tuesday 27th

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    Default Tuesday 27th

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    Morning All

    We are due for a deluge of rain later, may get out early. Today have to tape the skirting boards and coving, plus an arched doorway for Lee to complete the final wall in shade 1. Then will have to tape the feature wall. We managed to move the fish tank, would not budge originally put some oil down, left for 15 minutes then moved, not exactly easily but have done it. Looking at the smaller tanks on Thursday if not the 2 fish left in Buck House will go to my BIL. This tank is just too big and has had some water damage to the base cabinet, needs to go.

    Did not get the photography done yesterday but have shelved until later in the week. Needed to order some small jiffy bags and no good posting 'Buy it Now' without them here.

    Living room carpet washed and looks good, although will have to be replaced at some point as Lee appears to have thrown coffee (several times) over his part. Either that or may look for a large rug.

    What have you got planned today?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Reasonable weather-wise at the moment, but like Caroline, due a deluge later in the day - edge of storm Diana methinks.

    Yesterday, got all the unpacking/sorting/putting back on shelves from the weekend done. Had messages from my friend who I am assisting at the market on Sunday that she's desperately low on stock and only has time to make a couple more things this week, so in between everything else going on we are trying to sort out if I've got anything I can take over to put on her stall. Bit difficult as I have an 8 hour market to do on Saturday in a new venue, and haven't a clue how well it's likely to go. Ended up having to take youngest cat to the vets: he's had gunge oozing from his only eye for the last few days and I noticed that he'd started blinking as though he was struggling to keep it open. No signs of ulceration, wounding or major infection, but inside lower eyelid is inflamed. So with consultation fee, dye, numbing liquid and eye drops any profit (and more) I might have made over the weekend is now in the cat!

    Today; weekly shopping, visit brother, butcher's on the way home then batten down the hatches for stormy weather. If I've got time I'll try and use the quince which are deteriorating rapidly, and maybe even the last few apples can be thrown in the pan with some spices to make more chutney. Other than that it's back to trying to figure out what I can pack for Sunday and leave enough for me to take on Saturday.

    Not surprised you didn't get the photography done Caroline - I think you did more than enough yesterday. Take it steady today and watch your back!
    Any more battles with the powers that be Mo?
    What are you planning for today Lilly, now the board is done?
    Hope today's list of jobs isn't too long Dave, and you have time to do some more cutting/framing/networking.


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    Morning all.

    Shop day and have a new volunteer starting. She used to volunteer years ago so should be good fingers crossed. One morning a week at first but said she might be able to do two later on. 'Black Friday' going on till the end of the week !! then can't wait to get rid of it and get the Christmas Window under way. This job has been assigned to my Assistant Jen and she is so excited about it bless her.

    'Norma'l working days for me now so need to get on with sorting Christmas here.

    Pete is finishing orders and has a couple of tuitions to go before the big day but in general things will be less stressful untill I put him on hoovering duty with the pre Christmas spring clean LOL

    We need to do some photos too Caroline and it takes so long you have to set aside a day to do half a dozen items. Hope it goes well for you.

    Right time to shake the body and get going.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all,

    Gray and misty here with rain for later.

    Not much planned for today, going to hoover the living room today, didn't get it done yesterday as I had to wait for ages for the coal man.

    Still waiting for my new cutting plate so no die cutting yet, going to get withdrawal symptoms soon
    I have been working out my photo album base and how many pages so still doing some paper crafting. I have also been doing some crochet, put another 12 squares together only another 60 or so to go. I have done 45 so far. It will be a fairly large throw. When its done I will put a nice cotton sheet on the back sewn round the edge, makes a lovely snugly rug for curling up on the sofa, and extra nice if your are are under the weather and are on the big lazyboy style armchair. We have had one made by Simon's mum that must be 40 years old and is showing its age. So a replacement is due.

    Have to go shopping for food later. not much else planned as my other friend from Spain is coming to visit this evening but not staying with us as she has to go and do lots of banking and other similar stuff and only has 4 days so needs to be based elsewhere for the duration but can visit.

    Rain has started, I must get a wriggle on and push the hoover around.

    Hope everyone has a good day with whatever they are doing.
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    Evening all....

    Npt much done today due to the rain...chucked it down all day plus waiting in for a mattress delivery...why do AM deliveries turn up at 12:00????
    Managed to take the dog over the fields with the ball, white dog came back black 😂...twice..
    Got to the gallery to order a frame, got invited to an exhibition opening night there...
    Starting a cut tomorrow morning, doing nothing more today after the chores...
    Everyone sounds busy...

    Catch you all tomorrow.

    Dave 🤓

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