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Thread: starting a curtain making business

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    Default starting a curtain making business

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    hello - i'm new to this forum but have a question i hope someone can help me with.
    I've been making curtains & blinds for friends for years and now want to start a business doing this in a 'professional' way. Can anyone recommend a curtain making and roman blind making course I can attend in person (I don't want a college or university course) preferably 1-2-1 or part of a small group for a few days course, and as near as possible to my home in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
    Also if anyone knows of a course that offers invaluable info on how to start up the business (ie: how to open trade accounts with suppliers for fabric & sundries, what to do if the customer is unhappy with the results - which I hope they won't be! , how to build a website etc etc)
    Much appreciated and look forward to receiving replies.

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    Are you looking for an online course on curtain making? Or like a physical class or workshop?
    If you are looking for an online course, I have a good recommendation for you.

    I can also recommend you a platform on building a website wherein you don't need to hire web developer or designer and you can just create the website yourself (no coding skills needed). It's called the website builder and it's really great for business due to the features it has. You can also get your domain registered there as well as get your custom e-mail address. There are web design templates available too. Very cheap and affordable for those and good for those just starting out. Free packages are also available.
    Check it out: Create a free website -

    Let me know if you have any more questions!
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