My name is Peter and havespent my entire career as Boss of a comprehensive Garage Operation includingbreakdowns and being an MOT Tester.
I have now retired andhave many interests including not wanting to throw away anything broken unlessI have tried to fix it first ( this week took apart headphones, shortened bothcables and re-soldered broken ends and now working fine).
I joined the Mens Shedjust less than a year ago and am there from 11-4 every Tuesday, they are also there on Thursdays too, but Icannot fit in 2 days a week.
On top of DIY ing formyself I get called upon by my 30 yearold son for a bulk DIY session at his house an hour away !
I have good facilities athome and am a Mr Tool as I don't like toborrow tools or be slowed down by not having the right or a good tool.
Since joining Mens Shed Iseem to have bought a lot more tools for home and am constantly up-grading as Iwant to do a better Job Quicker as am time limited with all my interests.
Looking forward to ForumBoard activity.