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Thread: Saturday 10th

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    Default Saturday 10th

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    Morning All

    Up late again! not sure if the dark mornings or taking me so long to get to sleep at night, grrr!

    Dreadful night weather wise battered by gusts of wind and rain, thank goodness the gutter was cleared or would have been awake all night with a waterfall. Hope everyone else is okay and not too damp.

    Finished the 3 London clutch bags, then realised the charms were silver and should be brass to match the frames. Ordered. Posted a door pillow to FB, got an order for 3, they will have to be slightly different as not able to get all the same embellishments now. Still a happy bunny. Must keep this up each day but feel that sometimes I will forget.

    Any events this weekend? Linda?

    Know Mo is working hard to replenish stock for next week.

    Dave cutting and 'To Do' lists.

    Lily did you get your blackboard painting done or too damp?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all....
    Well, I was going to do hell ní all today but DIL went into labour at 05:30, Sue is there now, Iím at home with the dog waiting to hear more....
    Manager came yesterday, Cleared the phone and laptop of personal details, they have now gone back, just the van to go now. Bright and stil here, looks like a nice day on the cards down this way today.
    Well done on the orders Caroline...
    Cutting order of the day while I wait for news....


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    Good morning all.

    Shop again to day, Monday and Tues so only evenings to do any work for the show now :-( Did do one bowl and got as far as penciling and pyroing a second so may be able to paint it tonight ?

    Hope you don't have to wait too long for the news Dave.

    Bit late so have a good day all whatever you are doing.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all! Bright, mild and breezy this morning, but we've obviously had some rain overnight.

    Yesterday, despite intending to have a comparatively relaxed day I ended up doing all of the emptying, re-shelving and paperwork from last event; and also achieved about half of the re-shuffling/re-packing of stock that needed to be done. I now have a little more space in the "reserve" store room. Pleased to say that I took a little more than I'd thought on the second day so has tipped the scales into the black for the event. If it wasn't for the 90 mile round trip I did twice the books would have looked much better, but you can't have it all! Also had a message from a fellow preserver north of the river who wants to put some of my stuff on her stall (mustards to start with) at the Humber Bridge market in a couple of weeks. Her stuff is selling fast and she's concerned that she won't have enough left to make the stall worthwhile. However, I've had a run on mustards recently, so need to see about making some more, plus I sold out of piccalilli, so need to make more of that.

    Today, have already done many essential household tasks, laundry in the machine now, but kitchen is clean and tidy. Need to shuffle the shelves in the main store room, farm shop for ingredients for piccalilli and eggs, quick trip into Barton, then decide on which mustards and get started as some need to marinate for a few days. Gift bags and small jars to re-order. Still have bags of apples and quince to deal with too. Crazy days!

    Hope there's no damage to properties after your wild and windy weather Caroline, and no, no events this weekend (knew I'd be too tired). Congrats on the orders - they seem to be coming in steadily
    Exciting time for you Dave - hope all goes well with mother and baby. Hope you can concentrate on the cutting while you're waiting.
    Hope the shop isn't too stressful Mo, and you manage to get the bowl painted tonight.
    Just waiting for Lilly to drop in now - hope all is well with you.


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    Hello everyone,

    Started off bright but now bucketing down with rain, think its going to be a sunny day with rain, or is that rain with sun?

    No Caroline I didn't get my painting done, it took longer while I was out yesterday and the rain was just too intermittent to trust doing it when I got back. Have decided to do it in the little stores, as long as I keep away from the stock it should be ok, The paint doesn't take long to dry.

    I don't have to go anywhere today, not planning on any HW today except for putting the washing machine on, it can be one of our busiest days so I usually just spend the day doing things in my office which is also my paper crafting space. My craft room is mainly for sewing and storage of material, threads, and all those stitchy things. So really its more of a sewing room, and downstairs is what I would call my crafting space. Heck I might just call it that. Craft room has always sounded not quite right. Simon calls it my doings room.

    I came up with a new method for paper piecing, because of my new die cutting machine, it cuts so well the pieces easily fall out and can get lost. I spent some time searching a round for some low tack sheets to place over the die as it comes out of the machine and before moving it to preserve the pieces, found some but It was expensive and I wasn't sure it would be low tack enough. I then spied my lint roller, I buy the cheap ones that have peel off sheets, I use it to clear the floor after a cutting session and because I sometimes I lose bits I can check the roll before throwing it away. Hey bingo, just the stuff, did some tests and it works brilliantly, some wax paper over the top to stop it sticking to everything, pop in to a cello bag and all the pieces are preserved in the right place for later.
    A small but excellent time saving revolution here in the Paper craft room.

    So now I am going to spend the afternoon pleasantly crafting watching the rain come down and thankful that I don't have to go anywhere.

    I am also trying to get my head round my new website software, I am trying out WordPress. Not sure if I have made the right choice. I basically just need a gallery and contact details. I am not going to have an actual eshop, thats too complicated what with all the Data protection and PCI compliance and more. I can take card payments over the phone, in person and also PayPal and Bank transfers so lots of ways to take people's money. Any suggestions?

    Well I seemed to have waffled for ages.

    Hope the new bundle arrives safely Dave and Mum is ok too.

    Good idea Linda, having a rest and a sort out, getting ready for the Xmas rush?

    Glad your sales are doing well Caroline.

    Another day in the shop is another day closer to the end Mo, hope you get the chance for some painting and relaxing this evening.

    HAGD all.
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