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Thread: Friday 9th

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    Default Friday 9th

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    Morning all

    Dry and cold here atm but due for the deluge later, think you will get it first Mo, stay dry.

    Finished the sorting, may do some more in the NY but for now all stock packed and ready to be loaded on the 23rd.

    Stitched up the smaller baby shoes yesterday, same ribbed pattern but thinner wool. Seen a buttoned collar scarf to make and have ordered the yarn. The patterns I use are all copyright free as long as you do not do a production, not going to happen to me as get bored quickly. Wool ordered and will post when done, still a small piece but for an adult this time.

    Back to the London fabric today and have got ahead of myself and ordered the zips and dragonfly charms for the next 1/2 metre.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Bright and dry with a bit of breeze at the moment. Temperatures not exactly warm, but certainly not as low as would expect at this time of year.

    Yesterday, another enjoyable day, but sadly sales only about half of those taken on Wednesday. Just about enough in total to cover costs for the two days. Found out, via various conversations, that of the half dozen or so ways into the town there were road closures/works on all but two of the roads, plus a couple of road closures in the town - and no warnings or diversions indicated. General feeling that anyone not familiar with the area and wanting to visit the event would easily be put off and just turn round and go home A long day and very tired when I got home. Youngest cat has been very clingy (partly because he hasn't been fed as often as I usually put food down!).

    Today, have already started catching up with household tasks that haven't been done for a couple of days. Have some gorgeous syrup (from the medical herbalists in the same room as me at the event) to try and shift the dregs of my cold and clear my ears and throat of the gunge. Will make a start on unpacking, sorting and restocking stuff and will also need to reorganise the secondary storage boxes once I see what space I have on the shelves. I sold out of piccalilli (even ended up giving the taster pot to someone!), and 3 or 4 of the mustards, as well as a couple of the chutneys. I can make more piccalilli although, it won't be fully matured until the new year, and probably get a batch or two of mustards done before the next event on 18th.

    Hope you've all been behaving yourselves. I see Caroline and Lilly have been busy with sorting and reorganising craft stuff, to good effect. Dave will now be considering whether to go back to work so he has time to do some cutting, rather than spending his days doing anything but! Mo and Pete still juggling shop, pupils and re-stocking the smaller items ready for their next event. Take it steady everyone, you'll get there in the end


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    Good morning all.

    Sunny here ATM Caroline but weather forecast is not good.

    Pete has a pupil today so quick run around first thing to make sure everything is clean and tidy. Got soup and some nice bread out of the freezer for lunch. On his arrival we have gone through all the oddities of our residence that has everyone openmouthed and I have now urged them to get on with the tuition LOL Think I will have to make a dash to the local farm shop for a few bits and pieces but apart from that I want to be drawing on a couple of small bowls today.

    I do envy your sort out Caroline, in reality I can't see me doing anything serious about my stock of stuff till I retire.

    Hope the syrup is doing some good Linda. Sorry to hear you didn't get the sales you expected. Talking to lots of other makers on the event circuit this year everyone is down on takings and this has been happening gradually for the last few years. Very noticeable this year though. As someone said, ''I shouldn't have to work this hard to be this poor'' We are thankful that because of what we make we are not poor in the true sense of the word but if you add up the hours prototyping, making, selling, promoting, doing the events we all work for much less than minimum wage. Better than sitting in an office all day staring at a screen.

    Have a good day creating Lilly and Dave.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Morning all....
    Nice and mild here, just everywhere damp with early morning condensation.
    Waiting for the manager to ring to say he’s on his way....can’t cut, its all done on the top floor, no phone signal up there...
    Done a bit of weeding so far...
    LMAO Linda .no considering from this one...I’m gone. I’d rather be happy and on less money than continually wound up and unhappy on more...carry on cuttin’ 😉...I did have a craft tidy last week, that’s back to square one already 😆
    Linda, good luck shifting the lurgy...
    Caroline, I admire your organisational skills, you sew the seat of pants, I fly by them...
    Mo, couldn’t agree more, we’ll never be rich 😁
    Have a good day Lilly whatever you are up to.

    HAGO all

    Dave 🤓

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    Afternoon all,

    Sun and showers here but not too cold.

    Its been quite busy in the shop this morning hence my late post.

    I finished the main part of the card I was working on, just the sentiment to choose. I have been reinvigorated with my new machine, dies that I hesitated to use because they were difficult to cut have taken on a new life. The card I just made used one of those, it was difficult to use and I had only used it once, on Wednesday I cut it 5 times in half an hour with no problems.

    It seems a trend Linda, low sales so far, but hopefully it will pick up as we near the day, I think people are shopping later and later to try and get bargains.

    Better to be ahead Caroline, glad your sorting is sorted

    Couldn't agree more Dave, rather be happy than rich. As long as there is enough to pay the bills and allow us to carry on as we are, I am happy.

    I really like that sentiment Mo, made me laugh. I have a friend like that, seems to work all the hours, but is continually complaining about being poor. In fact I have know her for 40 years or so and she is never happy unless she is complaining.

    I have to go out and collect my Blue badge, another 3 years of hassle free parking, makes so much difference to how much I can do in a day.
    Then some more laundry and then some more card making into the evening.

    Hope everyone has a god day creating, travelling or finishing things. Finishing things is good for the soul.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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