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Thread: Increasing before marker

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    Default Increasing before marker

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    Good afternoon. I apologise in advance if I've posted in the wrong section! I am a basic knitter who is picking up the needles again after a long period of time. My question is, my pattern says to, Knit to the marker, M1, Sm. Does this mean I make the stitch using the horizontal stitch between the stitch before the marker and previous stitch, therefore I slip the marker after? Thank you!

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    Just knit to the point where your marker is, make your stitch (either in the horizontal between the two stitches where the marker sits, or by using a reversed yarn over or by knitting into front and back of the last stitch, then slip the marker and carry on with the next stitches. Your increased stitch will therefore be on the right side of the marker for any future count.

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