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Thread: Sunday 4th

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    Default Sunday 4th

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    Morning All

    Cold again but the house is toasty.

    Sorry you did not do well yesterday Linda and Lilly, sadly this does happen. One of the reasons why I only tend to do the local one at Christmas and online and Etsy the rest of the time. So boring when you sit for several hours and sell very little. Things may get better nearer the big day.

    Well done Mo & Pete and to sell your platter as well, you deserve it as your stall is fabulous.

    Lee spent money and more will be going out today but keeps him happy and does him good to meet up with vinyl cronies and chat.

    I am still sorting stock, oh boy I have so much. Have decided in the NY going to take my site down and work on improving and new sections plus weed out stuff that has not sold. Will mirror image on Etsy and sit down and make a decision which direction I want to go in and what is the best sellers etc. May take a few weeks but always more energised in a NY.

    How did your day go Dave? Rested?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Dull and breezy this am, but dry and temperatures not too bad.

    Yesterday - my fair wasn't too bad overall, just sales were down noticeably from last year. I shifted some more jars, and have a small order to take in today, so I'm not particularly down-hearted.

    Today - well, more of the same. We may be a little busier as the Humber Bridge market is on today, on the north bank and quite often people will go there in the morning and then cross the river and come for a wander round where I am, have a walk round the nature reserve area and get a cuppa or a meal in the cafe. Must try and get at least some of the sorting out and packing away done when I get home tonight as have a quick turn around to be ready for a (reportedly) prestigious fair I'm doing for the first time on Wednesday and Thursday. This fair is over an hour's drive away and it means I'll be travelling on main roads around Lincoln at morning rush hour. Doesn't help that I'm not 100% sure where I'm going (did check out the geography of the place in the summer, but been to sleep since then!). Tuesday, we are meeting up with friends from Essex who are up here for a quick visit and who we haven't seen for a couple of years, and will also need to do some shopping.

    Great news to hear that you've already covered your costs Mo and Pete, and that a number of your large pieces have gone to good homes. At least there's more interesting stuff to boost stock rather than dozens of little decorations Fingers crossed today is as good, if not better
    Caroline - you're on a roll with the sorting and decluttering again So satisfying when you cleared out "dusty corners" and had a good sort out
    What's on today Lilly? Do you have to do your unpacking and find places to store your stock? Already getting plans for which part of the shop you'll use and what sort of display you can put together?
    Dave - bet you've got a scalpel to hand, as soon as the morning chores are done Enjoy


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    Morning all...

    Went to see “Motown the Story” at the Alexandra in B’ham last night, late getting back in, had a great time, no detecting today, got things to do....
    Yes Linda, walk the dog, bit of breakfast, just had a mate sent me name and date details for two Christening cuts so need set those up and get cracking. Need to set up my two gridwall mesh display panels and table to see what will go where for the Artisan market...need move furniture in the spare room, got to start decorating tomorrow ready for Christmas visitors.....phew.


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    Afternoon all,

    Dry, sunny and not too cold here.

    Thanks for all your "commiserations" I did feel a bit despondent yesterday evening but a good nights sleep has changed things.

    I discussed things with Simon and I am going to put up a board about the size of one quarter of one of the windows, about 2 and half feet square, no point going too high no one will see it. I will put out as many cards that fit on it using plastic stick on eruo hangers. The idea is that a) they can be removed easily to sell and b) they can easily be swapped around to keep the display fresh and to stop as much fading as possible, this was the main reason I hesitated to put a display in the window. However if as hoped they sell and if I am strict with stock rotation it should not be too bad, also the sun is not as strong as in the summer and by the time next summer rolls round we will have a system in place that hopefully works.

    I will buy a nice bit of strong but light wood from the timber shop next door, yes we have a wonderful shop next door thats sells wood, so many projects have been a breeze because I just walk next door discuss my needs with him and he cuts everything using his wonderful saws and other tools. So I will talk to him and get a light but strong piece that I can move in and out of the window easily to make rearranging and sorting easier..
    I will also put my rack back and fill that up.

    I have decided to concentrate on cards only for a while, my boxes and "mood" lights can become Xmas presents for friends and family.
    I thought a variety would be enticing for customers, but now I feel I should do one thing and do that well, so I am going to do fewer but better cards and using subject matter that I like and that I think make my cards that bit different.

    So a bit like you Caroline I have decide to change direction, no more fairs, work at my FB page and resurrect my website and do the window. It can be very refreshing to have decided on a a new way to go.

    Glad your day wasn't too bad in the end Linda, lots of unpacking and sorting for you, I was unpacked and mostly put away yesterday after returning home.

    Busy Dave, glad you are making the most of your retirement.

    Mo and Pete you seem to be the stars of this weekend, well done on your sales and hope you enjoyed it all too.

    HAGD whats left of it, everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Well, have to report that today was better than yesterday in terms of sales, company and lovely customers, but sadly got home to the news that a long time friend had collapsed yesterday and was in hospital, although things have improved somewhat. However, she's been left with a leaking abdominal aneurism which, at any age, but especially 90, is not good news. Following on from bad news on Friday about the health of two other friends and on Saturday a health crisis of another craft stall holder this hasn't been the best weekend.

    Hope Mo and Pete have had a good day today.

    I've got stock unpacked and checked back on to the shelves, and done the cash tin, so tomorrow I can get straight on with pulling stuff together for Wednesday and Thursday's fair.

    Cream crackered now, so off to bed.
    'Night all

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    Mo's busy counting our takings so I'll do today instead, albeit a bit late. The show today was weird, not a single sale for two hours then a friend turned up, bought a few bits and pieces and seemed to start an avalanche. Basically the two days were the 2nd best this year so far and definitely one to do again. Mo may disagree but think we can probably afford Christmas now LOL. Downside is yours truly is now stuck having to make a load more stock for Blenheim Palace in 10 days time.

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