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Thread: Saturday 3rd

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    Default Saturday 3rd

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    Morning All

    Very cold but dry, did a lovely long dog walk yesterday met up with some villagers and had good rests and chats as we walked round the village. Shiloh met the new black lab puppy 'Maisie' from up the road, he did not seem that impressed in fact quite bored with it all!

    Good luck today Mo & Pete, Linda and Lily.

    Hope you got set up in the time frame Mo.

    All ready for the off Linda?

    When is set up Lily?

    Dave and I are being lazy! NOT, lol. I have not done any sewing but did start some more knitting in the pm. Still sorting all my stock boxes am on a roll and do not think I will stop until done now. The garden room will be full of stock and props for a few weeks but not bothered, may even put some props in the car as do not use for shopping etc. This is proving very therapeutic and must admit lovely to out sort stuff I no longer want to sell. Plus find things had forgotten about and will add to my stall. Come to the conclusion I have far to much stock and could manage without making for some months to come!

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Comparatively "warm" and dry, but a bit breezy here.

    Yesterday, had a fairly lazy morning after essential chores, and caught up with yet more recorded TV (still plenty to go at!). Afternoon headed off to the venue, via farm shop and brother's house. Everything unloaded and 90% set up, but got to the point where I was just moving stuff around on the table and getting nowhere, so decided it was time to stop. Access is available from 8.00am this morning so I'll have plenty of time to do the tweaks on my stall without having to worry about unloading the car etc along with everyone else. Have already done the essential essentials in the house, just need to get something to eat then off for (hopefully) a lovely social day.

    Fingers crossed that everything goes well for you Lilly - looking forward to reading your report this evening
    Fingers crossed, also, for Mo and Pete - hope you got set up in time and you have a fabulous, busy day.
    Caroline and Dave - have a good chilling day whatever you decide to do.


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    I am Caroline, donít know about you 😂😂
    Not much planned today, need to source a sheet for the table at the Artisan bash, need to source some cello sleeves so I can mount stuff but not need to frame them all too, need to cut some smaller stuff for smaller frames as Iím currently using 300 x400 and 400x 500ís so some around 5Ē square needed....this is all on the list btw, not all to do today...
    Theatre tonight for a Mowtown show, hope Amy doesnít jump around too much, 8 1/2 months pregnant 😆😆...

    HAGO Mo, Pete, Linda, Lilly....keep on chilliní Caroline...


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    Afternoon everyone,

    Weather today was excellent for encouraging people out, sunny, relatively warm and a moderate breeze.

    I set off for the fair at about 10:15 arrived at 10:20, yes that how close it was I spent more time at lights than travelling almost.
    Got a hand to help carry my 2 bags and my wheelie box, as promised. Set up the basics in 15- 20 mins, spent another 20 min or so pottering and coming to the conclusion that it wasn't going to get any better so left it alone.

    I had a brilliant idea last night (yes I did need that extra time) I found my old tablet, not so old I just got the new one in August, Factory reset it and put all my pictures from my PC on a stick and put it on the tablet and ran a slide show of all my work past and present to give some idea of my work and something moving for people to look at. Worked really well.

    So sat and waited, people arrived, looked and moved on, slowly people began to stop and look, I spent as much time as possible up and around the table engaging people and talking if they were keen. Did some sales patter when appropriate all to no avail.

    It was a sad turn out, numbers were small maybe 100 people max in all during the 4 hours. So not a big enough footfall to have any percentage interested in what I did.

    I had many compliments and I think that if it was closer to Xmas I may have made more sales. My friend who is the crafty photographer came with me and we had a great time chatting, but she knows the drill and stopped talking if customers approached and actually was very good at talking to them. She had brought with her a few of the bags she makes for keeping tablets/phone and similar in and squeezed them on the end of my table, she sold one.

    I sold 2 cards and 2 tea lights, the whole day cost me £4.00. My friend made a good point that she thought it was too early for Xmas and if it had been 1 month later (beginning of December) people would have been in full panic Xmas buying mode and we might have done better, I tend to agree.

    I have decided it was money well spent as it has got the fair bug out of my system and realised its not for me. I talked it over with Simon and he agreed with me that as we own a shop I should take advantage of it and go for a bigger space in the shop and a bigger display in the window. Work harder at my online sales and be satisfied with what those things can bring.

    Considering everything it was not a terrible day, didn't have far to travel, it was a short day, and I learned from it.

    I really hope all of you who have put in more effort and travelled further have a much better time of it this weekend.

    Caroline and Dave, I will be chillin with you guys from now on

    Hope it goes well Mo and Pete, you too Linda.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    So sorry to hear that your fair wasn't successful in terms of sales Lilly, but it sounds like you had benefits in other ways

    My fair was comparatively quiet and sales reached only about 60% of what I achieved last year. Haven't yet taken enough to cover expenses for the weekend, so hope that I can make up the shortfall tomorrow. However, the other stallholders in my area were lovely and chatty and I had some returning customers - and even a couple who came specifically to buy from me (even had a list!).

    Hope Mo and Pete have had a good day.


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    Evening all.

    Sorry to hearthat you didn't have such a good day Lilly and Linda. Don't think it's to far away from Christmas at all we sell Christmas from the beginning of October and by now it's in full swing.

    We had a fabulous day and covered costs by lunchtime. People were buying big, hardly sold any decorations by our normal standards which can often cover table costs. Maybe tomorrow won't be as good, Sunday often is much quieter and the weather is nit supposed to be good at all, we'll see. Sold the first of the large decorated platters which was fabulous and virtualy all of the smaller items have gone but no time to do any more ATM

    Cream crackered so off to bed.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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