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Thread: Happy Halloween

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    Default Happy Halloween

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    Morning All

    Very cold out this morning, not that I have been out but opened the back door for Shiloh and it was freezing.

    Hair cuts this morning, also going to get a length of the dragonfly fabric saw the other day, M & S food and Sainsbury's for some wine. Lee will pick up his usual doughnuts and then home for coffee and said dufnut.

    Still not doing any work yesterday cleaned downstairs and baked some chocolate cherry cookies plus an almond and orange cake, that was exhausting. Lee did the washing and drying up! think he wanted to loiter to lick the bowls .

    What are you cooking up today Linda?

    Good luck in the shop Mo.

    Dave relaxing? or not!

    Lily card making?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! (just!). Couldn't get internet this morning as our internal network had apparently switched itself off, and since I'm not allowed the passwords for the router etc, even if I'd known such a situation existed I couldn't get access to do anything.

    Yesterday, spent much longer out shopping than had planned, investigated the new "Jack's" in Immingham (quite impressed), dropped off form and cheque for the local school Christmas Fair, then spent the rest of the day on more making up of gift packs for the events. Still need to add labels/tags and decorate some of the boxes.

    Today, tried to print off some of the stuff for the weekend, but with the network down I had to stoke up the ancient desktop machine which is connected directly to the printer to print, but the printer wouldn't play ball either. Took me the best part of 40 minutes to print off 10 sheets of paper. Still have to cut, punch and string the labels, but in the mean time I've pulled out the jars and bottles to take on Friday and done the draft stock list. Will have to pull out the relevant taster pots and various bits to go with those. Just had a late breakfast/brunch, so back to the sorting and packing now.

    Sounds like you're keeping busy Caroline, hope the haircuts don't make your ears feel the cold too much!
    Hope everyone else is usefully employed and managing to find a bit of time for themselves.


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    Morning everyone,

    Bright but cold here, not as cold as yesterday I think. Update: definitely warmer than yesterday, went out to fill the bird feeders and was pleasantly surprised, warm and even the breeze was surprisingly warm.

    I finished the VAT just the return to do this morning.

    No more card making today Caroline. This afternoon I am going to take pictures of everything and then start packing. I also need to marry all the cards up with their envelopes and put in celly bags and price up. I also need to think of something to package the boxes up in. I have loads of small bubble wrap bags, I am going to see if they fit. Just tried them too small for the boxes but fine for the LED candles and tea light holders. The boxes can go in my candy stripe paper bags.

    I will be taking my cards, the LED candles, the tea light holders, the decorated wooden boxes, my mood light boxes, the Alice bands, the tins,and all the display stands, racks and acrylic display stands. I need to pack sensibly, I have a wheeled box with a handle that I can pull along to take most of the heavy things and then a largish plastic box with the display stuff in. My main card rack can just go on its own. too big for a box.

    Just remembered also taking the coasters and the key rings. Need to make another one, Simon saw the steampunk style one and said I am having that for my car keys, couldn't really argue.

    Getting quite excited about it now, should be good fun, the weather might just be on our side on Saturday, much warmer 15c but possibly drizzly, but it may just be dry long enough to encourage people to come out.

    Hope everyone has a good day, stay warm
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    Evening all.

    Had no WiFi connection this morning, grrrrrrrr. Still none tonight so Pete rebooted the lot and it's fine now. I have absolutely no patience with anything to do with my computer, just want to switch it on and for it to work.

    Shop was the usual chasing my own tail, doing three things at once and getting non of it finished. I'm down one assistant manager as her daughter go rushed into hospital Tuesday, had Op yesterday and now waiting for biopsy which the Doc says should be fine only a precaution but worrying for them all the same. Told her not to come in tomorrow just look after her daughter then come back Saturday. Going to be a hard day again tomorrow just me and a volunteer for three hours, but what's new.

    Got all excited earlier today thought we had a Chanel Handbag but turned out to be a fake. Wrong stitching, quilting not square and even, chain too chunky, badge all wrong and unstamped, brass fittings not gold plate and no hologram label, apart from all that it looked exactly the same as a real one LOL Had it's authenticity card and number though. Can't sell it as perpetrating the fraud.

    Ooooh that baking sounds scrummy Caroline. Glad allthe preparations for the events are going well ladies.

    Have a good evening all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Evening all.....
    Well, took the dog for a real long walk around the gorge, thick frost on the way out, bright sun coming back. Had an Artisan craft fair get back to me, put me on the waiting list for first Saturday in December, outside that, first Saturday in January.
    Had my delivery yesterday, 2 x 2ft wide, 6ft high chrome mesh stands from a shopfitting company so I can hang my A3ís on them without them taking up table space.
    Sue came home from work with a large box full of frames from someone at work having a clearout, I get them regularly
    Made another four small frame stands...all set to go.
    Got to start decorating the spare room tomorrow for my son, his OH and the latest grand for when they come for Christmas.....
    Just sent the Trick orTreaters away with a pocketfull of e numbers....thatíll teach the parents not to send emí here 😆
    Relaxing Caroline? really 😂😂 xx

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