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Thread: October 30th

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    Default October 30th

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    Morning All

    Very cold, just opened the back door for dog and he had to be woman handled out, I was freezing and he thought he may get cold!!!!!

    Cleaning downstairs today, a day behind and out tomorrow for hair cuts and M & S etc.

    The dentist went well, she rebuilt the tooth, now have a gleaming white one instead of a gap £195 poorer but feels so much better. The gum had grown into the gap already so had to be cut away, did not feel a thing. Good job as I am a coward the worse bit was the injections.

    Still have not made a start on the sewing, so bad.

    HAGO and hope you get done all you want to. x

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    Morning all! Very cool, damp, breezy and not quite light here.

    Yesterday, made a start on the gift packs, but had forgotten how long it takes to construct the boxes - they come flat packed and scored but not pre-folded. Also took a long time to extract all the jars I wanted from the various shelves and boxes. Didn't get much else done except the usual clearing and cleaning. Cold continues and although cough has lessened I have gone deaf in one ear and can't clear it - so annoying!

    Today, must finish the gift boxes, also weekly shopping to do, but need to go to one of the bigger towns as car needs more "go juice" so filling station required. Labels and tags still to be printed and finished to put on gift boxes. OH is out again today so once I get back from the shopping I hope to be able to get on with things, although younger cal is pestering around and won't eat (unusual for him). I'm hoping it's just the change in the weather as wind has moved direction.

    Hope you're all keeping up with the various chores, but still finding a little bit of time for yourselves.


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    Morning all,
    Waiting for a delivery of display stands, possibly today, need to make four more small frame stands too, then I’m craft fair ready...had an add up, with the seven cuts at the art cafe, still got over 40 here framed to go, another 5 not framed yet 😆😆....
    Finished glued and framed yesterdays cut, need to tape and string it today, the designer is putting it on her page as an example of how the template can look, which is nice, I’m helping her to get her catalogue of commissions “Out there” as commercial templates.
    Not as frosty here, nor misty so out with the dog first, hoover and dusting up and down is on the list so far for dry the


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    Morning all.

    Shop again today. Got a load of stuff handed in to me by a neighbour to take in, can use hardly any of it. But in the middle of it all an almost brand new pair of designer shoes so worth it for that and the few other bits and pieces. Pierre Cardin mans suit that is vile. Why do men have to go commando and not shake properly, yuck. When clothing gets hug up dirty even if you don't see marks and sweat on it when it's not worn for ages and kept in a plastic suit carrier, it just festers over time and goes mouldy, bluuuuugh.

    Really must get some christmas tags done this evening for the weekend.

    Glad the organisation is going well for your event Linda and the tooth rebuild was a success Caroline. Dave is full power now his time is his own, good luck with it all. Lilly hope you eyes are improving each day and will soon be back to normal.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Hello all,

    Sort of bright here, cold and breezy.

    Today I need to do the VAT return, go shopping and put clean sheets on the bed, its a super king size so its not a quick task and doing the quilt cover is like a 20 minute workout

    I am also going to set up the photo box and try and do some photos today and it might run into tomorrow. Made another card yesterday evening, I used one of my favorite dies, I was reluctant to use it with my old machine but the new one just makes it so easy and therefore a pleasure to do.

    Glad the dentist went ok Caroline, I am sure you will get back in to the swing of it and get the sewing machine on the go soon.

    Linda sorry about your ear, I hate that, it is really annoying and makes everything just that bit more difficult. Hopefully it will clear soon.

    Dave sounds like you are well ahead of things and with time on your hands now the stock levels should rise.

    Thank you Mo, my eyes are very nearly normal now, no discomfort and vision excellent. Full steam ahead for fair on Saturday. I know what you mean about men's trousers, many many years ago I worked in dry cleaners doing alterations and replacing zips. On more than one occasion when removing the old zip traces of dry crystallised...... and a horrible smell would emanate from the opened seams. These were mainly from older men with bladder problems I think, I soon found another job

    Oh makes me shudder to think of it, hadn't thought about that for years.

    Hope every one has a good day.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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