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Thread: One off event insurance

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    Default One off event insurance

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    I am a hobby crafter, never sold before and I have signed up do to a Christmas craft fair but had no idea before I did this about safety standards and insurance etc when selling to the public. Iíve done lots of research which has made me wonder if it is worth it! I dont want to go without insurance but I also donít want to pay for a year when this may be the only fair I ever do! Does anyone know of single event product and liability insurance that might suit my situation?
    Thank you

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    Never heard of single event insurance for sellers, only organisers. There may be someone else along later who can help you. I am insured with A-N the artist network but their criteria is slightly diffferent from the normal insurers, you have to have done certain things such as commissions, exhibitions etc. They are one of the most reasonable around but still a full year.

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    Its always worth it. You might do just one event all year and that event might trigger a claim in some form.
    Weíve had this question before about single event insurance but couldnít find anyone that did it.


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    Don't know anyone that does single event insurance for a reasonable cost. A-N is only about £35 PA so this may be worth it depending what you are selling and the cost of the event.

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