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    Default scroll saw spares / new saw

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    My much loved Delta 16 inch variable speed scroll saw is nearing the end of its life and I have 2 questions.
    Where can I get a replacement control board for ths Delta saw that will not cost more than another saw?
    Can someone recommend a scroll saw with a quick change blade system as good as the Delta?


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    Is it the 40-540? Are you sure it's the board? If it's definitely the board then get another Delta, they come up quite regularly on auction sites. New boards are available from the USA but like you say cost more than a saw. It might be the rotary switch needs cleaning of dust. I use a 40-560 type 2 and have a 540 as backup. I don't think there is a saw with a better blade changing system but second best I think would be the EX saws from Axminster. Best non electric saw must be the Hobbies A1 blade change system which I think is just as good if not a little better than the Delta, I have 2 of these as well.
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    Yes it is the 40-540. I am pretty sure that the board is at fault, I have another Delta with the same problem which I have kept for spares. I think that I will look out for another used Delta and also look into the Axminster saws.

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