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Thread: Product insurance

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    Default Product insurance

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    Hi I have just joined crafts forum and was thinking of making and selling soaps and bathbombs, I have checked out what I need to do, assessments weights and measure scales, but not sure if I should get product insurance, I was quoted 700-800.

    Can an anyone give me their views and experience PLEASE.


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    Regardless of what you sell, you have to have public and product liability insurance..
    I use Ian Wallace craft insurance.


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    I am insured via A-N which is specifically for crafters and artists. Not sure about making your sort of stuff though, I suspect that there may be more involved. Check with Just Soaps.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The figure you have quoted does seem a little on the high side, but it may be relevant to your particular circumstances and reflect considerations of which I am not aware.

    As well as checking with Just Soaps (she is a member of this forum, but also has a web site), enquire of dedicated craft insurers (Google will bring up some options), or within any other relevant groups of which you may be a member (facebook, national guilds etc). Sometimes national guilds/associations will have negotiated advantageous arrangements with insurance brokers/companies for their members.

    I make and sell low risk home made food products and my insurance is much lower than the figures you quoted - but, my creative work is seasonal, and I sell only at local fairs/shows/galas etc. No online selling and only one local third party selling my products, within all regulations.

    Good luck with your search.

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