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Thread: Friday 12th

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    Default Friday 12th

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    Morning All

    A wild night, not much rain but heavy winds, more today. Think we must be just on the edge of this latest horror, hope you are okay Mo & Pete.

    Stitched all the signatures together yesterday as the pre-printed lined paper arrived, saves the printer ink. Waiting on the bookbinding glue and some cover paper and edging. The new book press is perfect and have the book already clamped in place ready for the gluing stage. Pays to get the right tools.

    Dave bookbinding is fun and I am quite addicted, started off with a kit from Learn Bookbinding. Has all the tools you need to start and worth the outlay. Bought a book press and cradle for punching the holes, again makes it easier than trying to to it on a flat surface. If clever you could probably make your own but me and power tools do not mix. You can take a peek at what I have made here: to give you an idea. If you go ahead let me know as use a few companies now for the book cloth etc. You could make a book of photos of your paper cuts, a coffee table book.

    Hope you get all your jams and jellies done you need to today Linda.

    Have you painted any of the Santa's Pete did for you Mo?

    Pleased to hear you are getting better Lily and hope you can get back to some crafting soon but only when your eye is right.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Dry outside but rather wild and windy. Temperature not too bad I think, but haven't actually ventured out as it is still dark!

    Yesterday went quite well - got the sauce and the chutney done and potted; neighbour collected her order; I collected my fruit and had lots of cuddles from Misty the collie , then went and got repaired wheel back on the car - apparently wheel rim was slightly corroded so air escaping but that's been fixed and tyre is fine. Didn't get any labelling done; worktop in utility room is getting quite crowded with boxes of jars so must make extra effort this afternoon.

    Today - a bad start to the day when my car alarm went off at just after 5.30am, waking the whole household. No idea what caused it but it has, in the past, activated for no apparent reason but always been day time. Garage have looked at it a couple of times and can't find any reason why it should do this.
    A bit of clearing up to do in the kitchen, then make a start on the quince chutney. Then must get some labelling done! Will be having an early night tonight

    I love bookbinding Caroline, but can only do it when I can find (and afford to do) a workshop/lesson, so it's a special treat for me I'm still very much a beginner.
    Hope you're making progress with finishing the "smalls" for events Mo, and Pete has retained his sanity after churning out however many snowmen, penguins etc
    Nerves setting in Dave? So close now - but don't worry you'll be joining the "I don't know how I had time to go to work" brigade before long. You'll still be working, but won't get the salary at the end of the month!
    Hope the recovery continues smoothly Lilley and vision is improving each day.
    Hope everyone is OK with the stormy weather


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    Hope you get the car alarm sorted Linda. Lee has to remember when we take dog that he deactivates the internal alarm, he forgot at the farm shop once and all hell broke lose, plus the car engine locks.

    You are an inspiration to me all you get done in a day makes me seem so lazy.

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    About 200 penguins, snowmen abd plaques far. Torn between wanting to sell them and having tlo make even more

    Feel for Mo who does the colouring etc as well.

    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci


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    Afternoon all,

    It has been wet and windy here, blown over the tepee poles again and this time has well and truly done one of the garden benches in, taken out the washing line and knocked the security light for 6. Not too bad but its going to be a pain putting them back up. They belong to my friend who went to Spain and now she has finally bought a house she will hopefully be coming to get them and all the rest of her bits and pieces in the shed which can then be tidied up and I can get at my lathe eventually.

    My eye is recovering really well compared to my first one I forget almost its been done except for the fact I can see so well.
    I just found myself crafting again yesterday, I have been told its okay, just don't over do it.

    Waiting for my order of LED lights to arrive, should give me something gentle to do.

    I agree Caroline, Linda does seem to cram loads into a day, makes me tired just thinking about it I do most of my crafting sitting down.

    I feel for both of you Pete and Mo, batch making can be tedious, its hard to do too much of that when it comes to the things I make, I want there to be variety and not have too many things the same. I like sets of things but its hard to make lots of copies.

    Dave must be busy cutting, if I remember correctly its a PDO today. 5? days to go?

    Have good day everyone, stay warm and dry.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Thanks Lilly, yes, PDO day today, another lined up for Monday, was busy cutting, finished cutting “Ganesh” today, been wanting to do one for years. For a popular bloke, the public domain versions are damned illusive. seven work days to go.....
    Yes, you are right Linda, the enormity of stopping work after 38 years of living to a regime is daunting, I won’t lie chapter ends, another starts....I’ll just have more time to hassle you lot 😆Bookbinding sounds interesting, I’ll be doing courses as well as running workshops, might do a bookbinding one, plus a lino cutting one too....also git a craft college wanting me to run a class there...we’ll see.


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