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Thread: Wednesday 10th

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    Default Wednesday 10th

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    Morning All

    Due another warm day today and dry then all change.

    Not sure what I have planned today, will go with the flow. Waiting on some lined paper for the journal to arrive, may sort out some cards etc to go into it.

    BBL to check on your news and what you are up to today.

    HAGO x

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    Morning! Bright a sunny, dry and not too breezy today. Looking forward to some full on sunshine a little lateer.

    Yesterday, got the plain pickled beetroot (for me!) done, made runner bean pickle, got most of this week's makes labelled (one boxful to finish today). Neighbour who has the sheep/lambs and turkeys came round to order some jars of cranberry sauce and see what I'd got to go with the lamb. Fb conversation with a lady who lives not too many miles away and has some quince to spare (yay!!!!), and medlars (new one for me, although I've heard of them), and Bramleys! Just waiting for her to let me know a suitable time/date to go and collect.

    Today, shopping, dental appointment, more labelling, start preps for the cranberry sauce (dried fruit needs to soak overnight), Think I'll spend some time this morning doing a bit of clearing and packing away in the "dump it here for now" room!

    Hope Lilly is feeling much recovered by now and eyesight is starting to settle down.
    If you're working - either for employer or for yourself - don't forget to take breaks.
    I'm sure you'll find plenty to do Caroline - more decluttering and planning more projects.

    HAGO all

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    Hello all,

    Surgery went well, no complications, vision good, eye a bit sore, resting as much as possible. Lovely weather here.

    Will pop in tomorrow with an update, no crafting today or for a few days I think but looking forward to some soon.

    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Hi folks.

    Don't know what was going on a few hours ago, tried to post and it kept telling me my 'ticket' had run out and it wouldn't do it. Tried three times.

    Short version........

    Been to hairdresser, got overtaken by an idiot in a 30 mph zone. Tooted and made appropriate gestures knowing that around the corner was a line of traffic and he would have nowhere to overtake all the way into Devizes. Pulled up behind him and I laughed and laughed as I followed him all the way at 30 mph till we joined the commuter queue into town.

    Got in touch with HMRC who have sent me a tax return when I wound up my jewellery business at the end of March 2017 so they have corrected that and sending me a confirmation letter. Took longer to change my name with them and the incorrect address they had. Bet the letter will arrive with my old name and wrong address. Post code and house name is right so it gets here.

    Pete is tied to the lathe making christmas decorations. He has just presented me with 50 snowmen to colour. He is having a break this afternoon and making something more exciting and will continue with penguins tomorrow. I did buy him some coconut mushrooms to sweeten the pill LOL I know how to treat my man !!

    Off to decorate 8 hairsticks for a commission and hopefully start painting another platter and hollowform which are in various stages of decoration.

    Have a good afternoon all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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