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Thread: Tuesday 9th

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    Default Tuesday 9th

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    Morning All

    Going to be a good day weather wise and quite warm tomorrow at 22! Not sure what we are doing apart from cleaning the fish tank. Emptied of all the plants night, need to to the glass, suck out some dirt and refill the water and put all the plants back. We may also go to the garden centre depends how we feel. Have some vouchers to spend 5 off if we spend 15 (not difficult to do) plus another 2.50 off and double points. Such exciting lives we lead .

    Starting to sort the old stock as well today, really getting into the Kon-Mari method of tidying. According to her book you will only need to do it once! not sure about that but will certainly give it my best. You have to do it all at once, yes when I read that I thought a day! but no suggests over 6 months. That is acceptable but must do something every day. Wish me luck. If I disappear send out a search party.

    What are your plans for today?

    Have you started the penguins Mo & Pete?

    What delicious brewing are you making Linda?

    Hope all went okay yesterday Linda.

    Working Dave?

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Brighter and a little warmer this morning. Forecast looking pretty good for the time of year.

    Yesterday, busy morning doing all sorts. Finished the gingered beetroot pickle and decided to have a go at garlic pickle (recipe from an fb preserving group member). Have to say, that although I've never done anything like that before and didn't really know what to expect I have been disappointed with the result. However, I'll let it mature then get someone to taste it and see what they think. Dropped off a couple of bunches of beetroot at the local primary (learned they are so short of finance they welcome donations of food towards the children's dinners); on the way out of the village I saw a box of apples being offered for free, so bagged some and returned to the school with them Good deed for the day done Caught up with Strictly to the end of last week, but not desperately thrilled with it this year.

    Today, load of laundry just finished so next job is get that out on the line, OH says he's going to his mother's so I'll cook the remaining beetroot as he can't stand the smell of it, also going to try a runner bean pickle.chutney. Gaps are appearing in the freezer where it was stuffed with fruit and veg Just seen someone not too far away from me has a glut of quince so have messaged to see if she's willing to part with some (used to get bags of them when I was at last full time job, but not since despite many people promising them).

    Good luck with the sorting Caroline
    Get that lathe in action Pete, then Mo can get the paint out
    Mo - I don't envy you trying to catch up with over a month's admin. Your customers will have to be a priority so "the powers that be" can wait for their reports etc - their own fault, they should have more robust systems in place for when this type of thing occurs.
    How is it going Dave? Expect you're ready for another holiday LOL!
    Hope Lilly is recovering and surgery was successful.


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    Going to get started on the penguins etc but first have some chopsticks and hairsticks to make for commissions. Then do penguins, snowmen, celtic brooches and some desk top items e.g. paperweights, magnetic paper clip bowls and pen holders. All with pewter and wood. Oh the joys of self employment LOL. Much better than working for someone else though. Mo is lazing around in the shop today .....

    "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci


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    Evening all.

    No WiFi this morning so couldn't log on and running a bit late anyway.

    Day in the shop trying to finish admin and get some of my basic paperwork back. They have installed a W drive so I can save stuff now when I learn how to use it ! Been promised Windows 10 soon, yay. Use that here so shouldn't be a problem getting to grips with it in work.

    Day off tomorrow and it's a trip to the hairdressers first thing then back to decorate 8 hair sticks for a custom order from Hyde Hall. I have a large platter and a hollowform in various stages of decoration that I need to try and finish for the next event. Could also do with a couple of smaller less expensive pieces, don't know where the time goes these days.

    You are doing well with the clear out Caroline, wish I could be so disciplined. I am getting more and more detached from my clothing and shoe collection so may even get rid of some next year LOL as for the fabric.................hmmmmmm one thing at a time.

    We have loads of apples and pears Linda, pity you are not closer. Our landlord is saying please, please pick them. Not many quince or medlars this year and only a few sloes. Might go and see if we have any more blackberries lurking tomorrow.

    I know it's hard Dave but you are on the downhill slop to complete retirement now. I'm counting the months, 28 1/2 for me. Doesn't sound as bad as 2 years, 3 months, two weeks.

    Hope the crafting is going well Lilly.

    Oh and Mr B, come here and say that !!!!!!

    Have a good evening all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Working today, tomorrow and Thursday Caroline then Friday PDO, Weekend off, Monday Pdo...that will leave me seven to work...😁😁...
    Hard Mo?...its a virtual nightmare 😆
    Yes Linda, looking for a month in Malta...😉🤓😎


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