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    Default Kiln struggling to reach temperature.

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    I have just bought a second hand top loading electric kiln (Potterycrafts P5976 Electric Toploader). I completed a bisque firing to 1000 deg successfully. I have been glaze firing today to 1240deg but from about 1170deg it has been struggling to gain temperature. And at times it drops up to 10 degrees before it goes up again.

    I have two bungs in the holes in the side but not one in the lid. I'm fairly new to this so not sure if that is correct or not. Any ideas what the issue might be? The person I bought it from said that the elements were replaced recently.

    I'm not sure what to do now because its been firing for waaaay longer than expected and still not up to 1240. Any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated!


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    Are you using kiln sitter bars? I found these good when I did ceramics as that way you can confirm the temperature. Other than that speak to Potterycrafts. It may be your electricity supply on that outlet as well is not strong enough to support the kiln.

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    You should definitely have a bung in the top as well for the second half of the firing.

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