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Thread: Saturday 6th

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    Default Saturday 6th

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    Morning All

    The sky looks odd a mix of yellow, blur and pink. We are due for heavy rain today and although dry atm will not be long. Hope Mo & Pete will be okay.

    Did well with the sewing yesterday, finished the face scrubbies and got the photo's done for the flower ballerina's. Today Christine's reading pillow, this is going to take some time as the design fits a 7" x 11" hoop, still can make some more Christmas cards whilst the machine is doing it's stuff.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day and achieve all you want to. BBL to check up on you all

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Raining, cool, very dull and slightly breezy. Not the nicest of days.

    Yesterday - not a lot achieved as back massage was half an hour later than planned because previous client required more time than booked for so I was hanging around. Did get yet more shuffling around in the store room done and more jars boxed up and put in store, printed latest labels but not on jars yet - today's job. Afternoon spent on paperwork, catching up on some TV, collecting some beetroot that was on offer.

    Today - waiting for delivery of new preserving pans which I ended up ordering after spending months looking in shops in this area without success. I ordered a 9 litre pan (usual size) and spotted that they also do a 4.5 litre pan, so have treated myself to one of those. Laundry in the machine, bedding to change later, GP qualifying (recorded) to watch. Two bunches of beetroot to be dealt with - other two bunches going to the local primary school who can use it for something but didn't know it was there until after I'd collected, so I've promised them half of my collection.

    Love your new makes Caroline.
    Hope today goes well Mo and Pete
    Are you all sorted ready for your eye surgery Lilley?
    Catching up with stuff this weekend Dave?


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    Morning all,

    Wet, grey and cooler here suppose to clear up later but staying cooler.

    I am feeling sort of ready for Monday, need to pop out to the chemist today and then I will feel ready in as much as I don't need to worry about going out for a few days after. Did a big shop yesterday so the fridge and cupboards are full. I am not so much worried about the day but the first week or so after, I have tried to organise things so I will have as little as possible to do.

    I was really pleased with the boxes and the way the butterfly cards worked out, I also have a large dragonfly, I may do a couple as I have 2 more boxes.

    Hope your new pans turned up Linda, I have never been a fan of beetroot. I never even heard of them till I was about 17 or 18 and thought they were really weird. All I have ever used them for was when years ago a friend and I went through a phase of naturally dyeing wool and fabric. We figured cos it would stain so easily it make a good dye, but in our amateurish way we didn't think about the fact it would eventually rot. We had fun though

    Sounds like you are on a roll Caroline, hope the new pillow project goes well.

    Bet Dave is hunched over his desk making up for lost time cutting away. Enjoy.

    Long soak in the bath tonight and relaxing day tomorrow.

    HAGD everyone.

    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Afternoon all, yes, catching up with a whole load of cutting and household stuff, Sue is away with Amy for the weekend so Iím all alone with the dog....correct Lilly, been hunched up most of the day.
    Hope everyone projects go to plan, take it easy all.

    Dave 🤓

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