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Thread: Friday 5th

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    Default Friday 5th

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    Morning All

    Damp and very misty here hoping burns off later and the sun appears.

    Finished the flower ballerina cards and sachets yesterday not onto some more face scrubbies. Then the plan is the Christine's (Friend) reading pillow for Jolabokaflod on the 23rd Dec. Already have a book to add to the pillow. Have Lee's book ready as well. Although he has seen the series, GOT Fire and Ice. Ordered from Amazon a few weeks back never arrives so they refunded and now ordered for £10 less!

    Will take some pic's of the flower ballerinas later.

    What have you all got planned. Hope all goes well today Mo

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Dull, tree top breeze but dry and still double figure temperatures - for now. Likely to deteriorate as the day goes on; showers and temperature drop forecast.

    Yesterday - talk about not going to plan! After the rude awakening with the bull outside the living room window, OH went shopping and I set about the bramble & apple jam. However, someone in the village fb group posted about a cat they'd come across which looked decidely unwell, couldn't find owner and didn't like to leave it. Eventually she had to leave; cat was still out and not looking good so I went to see if I could find it to take to vet. No joy, but by the time I got home and checked fb again others were concerned. One lady, new to the village, went to look but asked for help, so I went again. Didn't find cat despite us walking the streets for some time. Upshot is I have a new friend who happens to have moved into a property vacated by some other friends last year. This lady is looking to set up a coffee shop on her land, and is interested in having some of my preserves in there, if it happens. Cat owner finally found - appears he is very elderly, normally very vocal, doesn't usually leave their garden but had somehow got out and couldn't figure out how to get back. Is reported to be home and OK, but being kept an eye on.
    After all that, OH home by the time I got back second time, but I finished the jam and did the spicy carrot chutney. With all the hoohaa that was most of the day gone!

    Today - general tidying up, more trying to find somewhere to store preserves, list of jams to do for my new friend, back massage, more labelling, and relax!

    Sounds like you had busy days Caroline and Lilly!
    Hope everything went well for you Pete and Mo.
    Got over the bump getting back to earth yet Dave?

    HAGO all

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    Hello all,

    Dull and cooler but brightening up now hopefully it will warm up a bit too.

    Yes it was a busy day yesterday but happy I have got those things done.

    I was wondering how to present the butterfly cards as they are a bit 3d and would have been squashed in a normal envelope. So I was going to make some card boxes but then I came across some online, flat pack boxes with an aperture and acetate so contents protected but visible. Bought a pack of 5 for £6 all in. They came this morning, helpfully the company has a dedicated website with full instructional videos for constructing the boxes. I think they will look very nice.

    Today pottering around finishing off things and thinking ahead to Monday.

    Will post some quick pictures of boxes and cards later just to share with you, won't be the best photos but you should be able to see them.

    Well done on the cat rescuing attempt Linda, you can thank that cat for introducing you to your new friend

    Had to look that one up Caroline, never heard of Jolabokaflod. Interesting, learn something new everyday.

    Hope everyone's day goes to plan or at least its fun
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    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Could say “Back to earth with a bump” Linda 😂😂🤓


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