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    Default Troubleshooting on 2nd pour

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    I was looking for some advice if anyone could help. I have recently started making candles and have some issues. The current one is wet spots. I have read up on them and know why the happen etc. But I followed suggestions and still have the issue.
    When I do my pour it is fine, but when I do my 2nd small pour to correct dipping, I end up with a ring of wet spot at the top. The most recent try also gave me extended separation both top and bottom, when it was previously fine.
    I am using soy c3. There are no other additives at present as I am wick testing etc.
    The larger candle was poured at 51C and the 2nd pour was the same temp, just covering the top and no more.
    The smaller one was poured at 60C and topped up at the same temp.
    Both candles were topped up about 1.5 hours after 1st pour.
    I will try to attach pics.
    Any help is much appreciated.
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