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Thread: Monday 1st

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    Default Monday 1st

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    Morning All

    It's October already!

    Cleaning upstairs for me today as never got it done on Friday due to visitors. Then? not sure depends how my back stands up to the cleaning.

    Either way going to sit with the iPad and write notes of things I want to make/do for the rest of the year and next. Read an interesting article about de-cluttering and how we are bad at it. Mainly because we keep items just in case when we should say if not used can go. This is me and know have gone mad in previous years and although a wrench at the time, you soon move on and forget about it. I have boxes of vintage doilies bought on Ebay, Have decided to put a time limit on them, if not used within 6 months they go. This may either kick me into gear or not going to do that project anyway. Really getting where I hate having so much 'STUFF', must be an age thing as my Mum and MIL did the same at about 60!

    Hope you all achieve what you want to today and Dave is not too stressed with all this relaxing.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all! Bright, breezy and chilly this morning.

    Yesterday - got home, gave OH the news and greetings from various people, unpacked most of my stuff, had tea, watched GP (don't know why I bother!), went to bed.

    Today, must set the programmer for the heating to come on before I get up and also for long enough to take the chill off upstairs for bed time; don't need the third session yet as still reasonable temperature day time and we can always hit the hour boost button if need be. Got things tidied up and moved around to places where they should be after being just put down, kitchen floor to clean, piles of laundry to get done, sort something for tea. Delivery of jars arrived Friday so they all need to be put through dishwasher then packed in store area, get some more apples cooked - might just have room in the freezer to store some juice until I decide next step. Think that will be it for today as still a bit stiff and achey from the weekend exercise!

    Hope you get your cleaning done without further discomfort to your back Caroline. Sorting projects and decluttering will occupy you for a good chunk of the day I am sure - been there, done that, still working on it
    Mo & Pete - back to work/routine today? Make sure you look forward to a bit of time for yourselves this evening.
    Day off to catch up with things again Lilly - hope it all goes to plan.
    Dave - Sunlounger must be about worn out by now


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    Morning all.

    Lovely sunny Autumn morning here in Wiltshire. Back to routine of the shop for two days then we have Wisley. No relaxing Linda I'm afraid got to get the Christmas Decorations finished. Feeling much more relaxed after our holiday, how long that takes to change depends what I find at work this morning. No computer still after three weeks will certainly put the blood pressure up !!

    Piles of washing on the go got two loads done yesterday when we got back, third load in the dryer rest waiting to be done.

    Bit behind, better go.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Its got a permanent “Dave shaped dent” in it now Linda 😎
    Set to alter to cloudy today and tomorrow, should be cooler to get out and about better, even the locals are flagging.
    Itching to cut stuff, don’t like not cutting so its been great but Wednesday will be a welcome sight then its back to the grindstone...for a bit.
    HAGO all.


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    Hello all,

    Bright, sunny and cooler here, due to warm up a bit through the week.

    I have a system for decluttering, it goes in the spare room for a few months, then it moves to the little stores and than after some more time it moves to the big stores if after it has been in there for months, out it goes. It harder though with the business because there are things that are worth keeping for years cos there is only a few left that work or it is good for spares, so the piles grow.
    If it was up to me I would get rid of the lot I would really like to clear the garden a bit but there some things that have to be there like the coal, and the bins, our garden is so small there is not much choice.

    Making good progress with my butterfly cards, and finishing off the coasters, changed my mind about the backing colour for them so am going to have to cut some more.

    Came up with an idea for little 3d Xmas trees to put on LED night lights, going to make one today see how it works out.

    I am going out to top up the food shopping this afternoon, then more crafting.

    Dave, the cutting will be wonderful when you do get back. Have a safe journey back.

    Take it easy on the cleaning Caroline, its not worth the bad back.

    Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you Linda, I always wonder why going away cause so much laundry Seems like you and Mo are having a washing day, hope it all goes to plan.

    HAGD everyone
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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