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Thread: Help with choosing sewing machine please!

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    Default Help with choosing sewing machine please!

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    I'm new to sewing machines, I had a basic machine from my Mum and started making dog bandanas for my dog. I have also made a few collars on this machine but I think the fabric is too thick for the poor machine and I feel I have now messed up this machine! So now I am looking to buy a new machine which can handle the thicker materials.

    The material I'm trying to sew is cushion webbing wrapped in cotton fabric, this is then folded over and sewn to attach the hardware and secure the collar. The thickness of the two layers together is 8-10mm so I need a machine that can cope with that.

    After a little research I am looking at the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 and the Toyota J17 Super Jeans. So my question is would these be ok for what I want and is one better than the other? Which would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Your best bet for a work horse is a Bernina, they are expensive but worth checking local dealers as sometimes you can buy a second hand recon one. I always use Janomes and find them really good for thick fabrics. Check out the dealerships and go armed with a part done collar that you can get them to test for you. Are you using an 18 needle in your machine?

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