Morning all,

need Your advice on choosing spray adhesive. My wife is crafting with felt and sometimes needs to glue two felt figures together, fabric glue from B&Q (white, cream like consistency) stays wet even 24hours later.... And i'm in woodworking so mostly using PVA wood glue but again sometimes need to glue two thin plywood figures with lots of small details (cut outs) and it's really painfull to clean all exess glue from all small cutouts.

So we would like to use spray adhesive on our projects, only problem is that spray adhesive i got from Screwfix is spraying glue in "spider web" manner and same as with fabric glue it's wet 24hours later :/

What spray adhesives we could use for felt and wood? We just need normal drying times (not 24 hours ) and that it was sprayed like a mist (as a normal aerosol). Maybe someone could help us?

Many thanks,