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    Talking Candle Wax Melter Need Help

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    Hi guys, new to the forum and need some clarity from more experienced peoples.
    I have been making candles as a hobby for a while and have always used the double boil method.
    I Would like to expand my candle making and try to make a little bit of pocket money out of the hobby.
    I have been looking at more effective ways of wax melting but do not want to break the bank buying a professional large jacket melter.
    I have come across the Palson Eloise multi-cooker. (unable to post link, feel free to google search)
    This seems to be just like the presto pots from america but easier to get hold of in the UK and the right wattage.
    would this work for melting wax to make candles?
    Am i likely to blow myself up using it?
    Any positive and negatives i need to consider?
    If no good what do you lovely people recommend?

    thanks in advance for any feedback
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