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Thread: Saturday 15th

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    Default Saturday 15th

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    Morning All

    Oh boy was it cold on the dog walk, the old wind whipped up and there was me in shirt sleeves, brrrr! Not going to do that again and it was mid-morning.

    Early walk this morning as need to pop to the shop, then back for some cereal and more face scrubbies. Went well yesterday, 1 wrong but 4 right. Packing in sets of 3, just need to do the band to keep them together, along with washing instructions pop in a cello bag and tie with ribbon. Must remember to photograph before tying up.

    Not sure what else is planned, depends what the Postie delivers. Will have to sort something for tomorrow, do have a few ideas buzzing round my head! No wonder I cannot remember things so full of crafting, fabric, papers etc, lol.

    Thank you for all your likes on the Glue challenge. The next step at the beginning of November, is they judge the entries taking into account the likes etc then let us know who has won Guest Blogger of the Year.

    HAGD x

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    Good morning crafters.

    Half way through the month already and looking very Autumnal this morning, but should be a nice day.

    Shop again wondering what I'm going to find as we should have had a delivery of New Goods and Christmas cards. They will all have to be checked in, oh joy. Hoping we don't have a lot as nowhere to store them. Also had no computer for the last week, oh dear, how sad, never mind. BT spent 2 hours on Thursday wiping it and reloading but couldn't access it when it was done. Now waiting for a third visit. If it survives I will have lost everything. We have a company back up for emails but all my document files will have gone with forms for returns I have to do, volunteer info, all my word docs, right PITA as if I don't have enough paperwork to do to now have to find and redo all of that as well.

    Got on with the Christmas decorations yesterday and will plough through some more on Sunday. Off to a birthday party this evening which will make a nice change as we are not the most sociable of people in general.

    Have a good day all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Rather late in the day, but good morning all! Started off bright, dry and not too cool, but we have drizzly rain now.

    Yesterday, not quite sure what happened, but don't think I achieved everything I wanted to, but satisfied at the end of the day. Did finally get the blackcurrant & damson cheese done although set still be checked. I know it's solid, but whether it's sliceable with a knife or needs a hammer drill is yet to be determined. Got my walk into the village and delivered package and on the way there and back picked a few hundred grammes of rosehips - not many in the garden this year. Of course, while I was out the Amazon parcel arrived, but it was left near the back door and easily spotted (not from the road though). The parcel was my lights for the stall which I wasn't expecting until today.

    Today, kitchen and utility room were a total mess (I didn't clear up last night after OH cooked tea), but is now sorted. I've also done a couple of those "I must get that done" jobs that have been hanging around all week. Look through recipe files last night, but still some books to look through, but have a couple of ideas for using some more apples. GP qualifying on so might watch that. No other fixed plans - a go with the flow day.

    Hope you all get everything done and you can find space for your new deliveries Mo. Am sure you'll find something to sew Caroline, you have so many ideas
    No doubt Dave and Lilly will be super busy as always - don't forget to stop for a breath and a cuppa every now and again


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    Hello all,

    A busy morning here, but at least the sun is shinning and its a bit warmer.

    Making good progress with things for the craft fair, finishing off the coasters I found and starting some new Xmas cards.

    I need to do a major sort out and tidy up in the little stores to make some room for things in his workshop to move into and make room for new repairs to take their turn.

    So a busy day or two ahead and some crafting here and there.

    Hope everyone has a good day.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Thanks Mo, noted your sage advice 🙂


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