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Thread: Friday 14th

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    Default Friday 14th

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    Morning All

    Cold again and the heating came on, at least warm in the shower room as the radiators in the bathrooms are heated by the hot water.

    Made some more cards yesterday, today? not sure want to stitch out some face scrubbies and then cut out the boxes for them. Got the muslin and plenty of pretty fabric. Plan to put about 3 in the box, not actually a box more of a sleeve. Now decisions do I do on the embroidery machine or the normal one. The problem is stitching a perfect circle on the normal machine. hmm! decisions!

    Dog walking later now Linda, this avoids all the kid's walking to school. Which they seem to do round here even though some distance.

    How did the making go Linda? Anything new?

    Alzheimer's is horrible Mo, had it with my Mum. It is not called the long goodbye for nothing. I feel for your Dad as he has to deal with it day in and day out. Are you in the shop today or off?

    What have you got planned Shelley?

    Don't wear yourself out /dave with all this working. Your facial cut is fantastic, a real cutting pro.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Dry and not too nippy, but not the brightest of days. Possible light rain later this afternoon.

    Yesterday, well! started off some blackcurrants and used damson juice (in the freezer from last year) as the cooking liquid. Didn't get any further with that as OH slept in so didn't go to his mother's as planned. Did get labels printed for previous day's makes, but part way through getting them on the jars a friend came round and brought me another huge fruit tray full of cooking apples - store room crowded out again now! Went in the "craft/sewing" room to find interfacing and backing fabric for a piece of cross stitch I did last year and in the process found another piece of work I did in 2002 waiting for the same treatment - both bell pulls. So sorted out interlining and backing and managed to get as far as tacking interlining on to first piece when OH reminded me we were going to a talk on scientific glass blowing in the evening. So a late night for me, consequently slept in this morning.

    Today, I have already spilled a full glass of orange juice across the dining room table and on to the floor, catching a couple of coat sleeves on the way, so cleared that; the kitchen is nearly sorted and laundry is in the machine. Blackcurrant cheese to be finished, a small package to deliver later so a wander into the village will get me some exercise, then I need to get recipe books and files out to see what I can make with the fruit I have left. This evening a soak in the bath and hairwash and hopefully an early night.

    Quite understand about the dog walking Caroline - a nightmare trying to go anywhere for any reason past schools and school routes at starting and finishing times!
    Alzheimer's is evil - my Mum had it; we had a heck of a job getting her diagnosed in the first place, and no support from the medical and caring side apart from prescribing drugs. We had never come close to it before and had no idea how her behaviour would change and the effects it would have and how we could deal with it. A very stressful time all round
    For those of you at the beck and call of others for the sake of an income - hope everything goes without negative incident and that all of you manage a bit of "me" time whatever the day brings.


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    Morning all,

    Cooler and dull but dry here, but definitely not cold, we don't have any heating for at least a month or so yet. Ours is coal fired central heating and we have a lovely coal fire in the living room and it heats radiators up stairs. Its going to get to 22c or 23c next week so no need for heating yet. In October we may have the occasional fire in the evening but don't really get the heating on 24/7 till November when if we are lucky the fire will stay in till about March, it does go out sometimes but it takes about 24 hours for the house to get cold so its fine. All that reminds me I need to book the chimney sweep before the end of the month.

    Started to think about what I am going to do to dress the stall, I remembered I had a roll of lovely pale blue Chinese brocade with delicate flowers and thought it would make a brilliant table covering and so has set the theme for the whole table as Chinese, which is great as I have loads of Chinese stuff because I have been studying Chinese for years now. So I need to cut a length and hem the ends. I have started a box and as I find things I am putting it in.

    So keeping busy sorting and finishing things, found some half done coasters, and started a couple more cards.

    We were very lucky both of our parents didn't suffer with Alzheimers. Not sure how I would have coped, but I probably would have some how.

    What away to start the day Linda, sticky OJ everywhere, oh well at least it can only get better I think tea or coffee is the worst because if you don't get it all up in a couple of days there is the horrible smell of gone off milk. The piles of fruit and veg still going up and down

    Hope the face scrubbies go well Caroline. I had a friend who crocheted kitchen scrubbies out of some strange plasticy yarn, recycled from something, she gave them as Xmas gift, work quite well.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Afternoon all.

    Damp day so far. Went to meet a girlfriend for coffee which was lovely, nice catch up for a couple of hours. She had also sold some big cotton reel 'pots' for us as her sewing group can't seem to get enough of them. Making some for our stand as well now, they will go with the pin bowls and pick up sticks as affordable gifts. Bought some embroidery scissors to go in them which will get fitted with a tiny cotton reel 'charm' on ribbon.

    Back for a bit of lunch, now off to the craft room aka the conservatory, for a session of colouring Christmas decorations.

    Hope you are all having the day you planned.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Nightmare time at work...idiots running the show!
    Alzheimers...I can only say know how it feels by petsonal experience. My grandad died and left my nan behind who had Alzheimers...we had to have her living with us which we were happy to do. I was only around 13 years old, she would get up in the night and go walkabout in her nightie looking for grandpops, put the electric kettle on the gas, hoover the lawn, she was the last living link to my half Welsh heritage, she left this world not knowing any of us but could tell in great detail what she did as a girl, great stories, I miss her still today 40 years is indeed a cruel disease 😢


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