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Thread: Tuesday 11th

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    Default Tuesday 11th

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    Morning All

    Late again! Meeting Jenny (Women only connected) for coffee this morning, we will hopefully have a good chat and put the world to rights!

    Finished off the bread and butter Wonderland cards yesterday, going to make some special ones to add to this collection. Photographed my Dream Catcher collection, now what to stitch next?

    Enjoy your day and bbl for all your news x

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    Morning all. Wet, dull, breezy - fed up of this weather now!

    Yesterday, busy busy tidying, clearing, sorting etc. More crab apples cooked and put to strain, previous lot of juice made into jelly, also made Ghillie James' recipe of Apple Sauce with Sage and Vintage Cider. Bit fussy and probably won't do it again, but it used up a couple of kg of cooking apples.

    Today, box and freeze latest lot of crab apple juice, then see if remaining apples are fit to cook; weekly shopping but need to go to Grimsby. Try and remember to pop into a couple of likely shops to see if I can find a new decent preserving pan. Have 3, but oldest is aluminium and very thin (inherited from MIL) so only used to cook down fruit for juice, one inherited from my mother is just about worn out, so only one decent one in house.
    Have decided I need to find some lights for my stalls for November/December - never done that many fairs before so haven't bothered, but need to update my ideas as doing more fairs this year.
    Labelling to create, print and get onto jars then find somewhere to store the jars. Not enthusiastic about anything this morning; hope it brightens up later.

    I'm sure you've got a long list of projects to stitch Caroline - perhaps the decision is which one to do first? Enjoy your coffee with Jenny.
    What day is it today Dave? Must be lots of ticks on the countdown list.
    Got customers disturbing your crafting today Lilly I'm sure you'll get everything done without rushing madly, and more card and box ideas too.
    Shop again Mo? Hope yesterday wasn't too bad and you have some support today.


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    Morning all,

    Weather gray but warmish.

    Have to do some business paper work and order some stock today, so crafting later in the afternoon

    Finally picked some apples yesterday, made apple crumble yesterday delicious luckily there is some left over for today, fresh batch of custard and mmmmmmm. They are much smaller than usual, think it must have been the lack of rain this summer, but they taste good. Might make a batch of apple sauce with some.

    The dream catcher and purse looked great Caroline, I am sure you will find something interesting to stitch next.

    Lights are always a good idea to attract people Linda, these days with LED ones they don't get too hot and don't cost the earth to run.

    HAGD everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Evening all.

    Off early as Pete promised to take my Assistant Manager to the station as she can't drive and needed to get to Bristol HO for 10 oclock meeting so I was in work at 7.45 ! Got a lot of odds and ends done and treated myself to a Costa Mocca while I was doing it.

    Has some lovely things in today but far outweighed by the disgusting rubbish that also came in. Road works on the way out of town to the recycling centre causing chaos, so easier to park in the loading bay outside the shop and dump it on us.

    Hurt my back a couple of days ago and working in the shop is not helping. Hoping it's better before we go away in a couple of weeks.

    Day off tomorrow so going to pop up and see my Dad as it's his birthday. Feeling a bit guilty as it's been far too long since we were over there. My Sisters little Lodge house should be nearly finished so will be nice to see that and take up her house warming present, a prep trolley for her kitchen.

    Need to get on with Christmas decorations too. Pete will be out Thursday evening so I can catch up a bit then as well.

    Most venues only allow LED lighting these days or you use too much electricity putting strain on the power supply. We use clip on ones with flexi necks really versatile plugged into a 10 gang adapter with a long extension to source.

    Love Crumbles Lilly. Made one yesterday, apple and nectarine, having the rest tonight, yum.

    Hope you have a lovely girly time with Jenny Caroline.

    Have a good evening all.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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