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Thread: Saturday 8th

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    Default Saturday 8th

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    Morning All

    Just love your creations Mo, you are a very talented lady and okay the old boy is not bad either, lol.

    Enjoy your baby cutting Dave, oh that sounds so bad!

    I expect you will be super busy Linda, hope all goes to plan.

    Well done on the fair booking Lily, don't forget the bags, float etc and may be worth doing a mock up of your display before you go, that way you can also see what props etc you need.

    Well done on your Yandle leads as well Mo.

    Well I completed 2 pencil cases, making a total of 3 but have drawn the line at anymore just too long winded. I altered the pattern to add the zip in flat a lot easier but still takes too long to justify the retail price. Mark this down to experience and move on. Burp cloths this morning, have some fun fabric and the pimple dot fleece arrived.

    Off for a dog walk, so HAGO x

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    Morning all. Very cool and overcast this morning. Dry at the moment but heavy rain forecast for all afternoon and early evening.

    Yesterday - another busy day. Got most of the jars order through the dishwasher (last batch in now) only to discover there weren't enough lids for that particular size and not enough spare from previous orders. Ended up contacting two people at the company to try and sort it - am promised delivery next day (that'll be working day though). Boxed and froze a batch of apple juice, cooked down a batch of plum and raisin pulp to fruit butter/cheese (waiting for the final set to see what texture it ends up), but think I'm going to have to call it caramelized! Picked and packed all produce and tasters for tomorrow and done lists, so all ready. Someone in the village offered crab apples and I ended up with two big carrier bagsful, so got them sorted and washed and first lot cooked.

    Today, last batch of jars in the dishwasher, cooked crab apples to put to strain and going to see if I can get some Bengal Chutney made to use up some more cooking apples from the store room. Final check and last minute packing of stuff for tomorrow, but not sure what else.

    Nose to the grindstone Dave - got a cut to do for a mate
    Shame the pencil cases didn't work out Caroline - they would have been a great novelty buy and popular for presents I think.
    The excitement of getting into a fair is great - have fun getting ready Lilly.
    Shame you have to be in the shop Mo, but sounds like you had a pretty good day yesterday. Hope the potential custom materialises.

    HAGO all

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    Morning all,

    Bright but cool here, a bit windy but good drying weather so do a few loads of washing.

    Been working on my wooden box and have come up with a new design for my "mood light boxes" made some awhile ago and they were alright but they lacked a certain something, last night was experimenting, as you do, and think I have come up with a good idea to make them a bit special and certainly different. Will post a quick pic later when finished.

    Thanks for the reminders Caroline, got bags sorted and thought about a money box last night, dug around and found one but the lock is broken, not sure if that matters. Have also been thinking about the display, will take the rack I have in the shop and I have lots of acrylic stands and supports (because of the shop) and yes I will do a little mock up nearer the time to make sure it all works together. I have been doing our shop windows for the last 40 years so I have a little experience and tools to do the job, so it should be fun. I have lots of business cards and I think I might run up a little info sheet with some pictures in case some people want something personalised. I also have signs and will price everything up with the pricing gun so there is no uncertainty.

    Need to run out to Halfords to get something for our friends in Spain this afternoon, just happens to be next door to the range, oh dear, brace yourself wallet

    More boxes later and some food shopping, so a busy day.

    Glad the fruit is making it in to jars Linda, have a good day tomorrow, may you sell everything

    HAGD everyone
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Yeah, thanks Linda and Caroline...a buck is a buck...fluffy bunnies or not 😆😆


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