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Thread: Friday 7th

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    Default Friday 7th

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    Morning All

    Had quite a long shower of rain last night, still damp this morning. Need to pop to the shop as no Nescafe Menu sachets for me delivered, Poppables BBQ flavour and some Revels for his nibbs!

    Back ached so much yesterday ended up doing nothing. Will see how today goes but really want to complete another pencil case, these are dragging on a bit and getting bored!!!!

    Hope you achieve all you want to today, BBL for your news. HAGO x

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    Morning all, been a bit vacant...doing stuff...sorry..”Back in the room”...
    Pensioner Day Off today, had a call from the gals at the gallery down the road, got a mountain of mountboard for me to collect...
    Got to walk the dog but blimey, its getting real nippy here in the mornings now, mist settling in the gorge over thec iver...spooky...that said, the power station has shut down so they don’t use the train track for deliveries behind our house so we now see lots of deer everywhere...surprising how many there are.
    Mates, gotta love em’...”Alright Dave, misses’ mate has just had a baby, can you do a cut, need it before she comes out if poss, don’t know the babies name yet...”😂’ll get it when you get it mate. 😁

    Oh well things to do, HAGO..


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    Morning all! Bright and nippy this morning. We've had that eerie mist for quite a few mornings, but too much breeze today. Forecast is for it to cloud over and some rain later on.

    Yesterday didn't go as planned (what's new!). However, the "surplus" products have been sorted, listed, boxed and reorganised in the far end room, so I have recovered some of the floor space and all the recently made stuff is now packed and listed. I also did another tidy up in the main store room, reorganised a couple of shelves (and regained a bit more space) and cleared out a few jars which I can sell off as "end of the batch" just to get rid of them. I also finished off the raspberry vinegar, and started some blackberry vinegar. And got all the paperwork up to date.

    Today, I'm continuing the jar washing (batch in dishwasher now). Another batch tomorrow, should see it finished and packed away I need to pick and pack the stock to take on Sunday - no idea where I'm going to keep it until then as the usual spot is cluttered up with boxes of apples and veg still to be used. I have a big batch of apple juice which has been straining for the last day or to deal with - ideal would be to box and freeze it, but not sure I have room in the freezer. I just love this time of year - not a moment to be bored

    Hope you get what you want from the shop Caroline. Think the back ache can be blamed on the weather - mine's been annoyingly present for a couple of days - hope yours has calmed down this morning.
    Don't you just love these non-crafters Dave. Best one I heard was at a fair "can you make me a (child's knitted) jumper like that but in (another) colour. I can come back in a couple of hours for it"! Fortunately, I didn't hear the stallholder's reply.
    Lilly - sounds like you are in a very busy period - hope it's all productive and most of it is enjoyable
    Hope you enjoyed your dinner with friends last night Mo. When do we get to see a picture of the magnolia bowl?

    HAGO all

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    Afternoon all,

    Sunny and dry here but a bit cooler.

    More tiding up upstairs today and more boxes.

    Done the application for the stall and paid the money, so all go for the craft fair.

    So now I need to get making.

    Hope the back gets better Caroline.

    Must be really nice that its quiet and you get to see deer Dave, best we get is garden birds but thats alright, better than nothing.

    Keeping busy Linda with all the Autumn produce - enjoy.

    HAGD everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Evening all.

    We had a lovely time last night thank you Linda. A nice relaxing meal with a friend, bloated but happy peeps.

    Early start this morning to go to Yandles in Martock so no time for 'puter stuff. Had a good day demonstrating and got quite a bit done. Maybe some paid demo work to come from it from turning clubs in the future. Pete is there tomorrow and I am, unfortunately, in the shop.

    Haven't photographed the new platter properly yet but it's on FB and Instagram as a quick picture on my phone. Now half way through a large Koi Carp platter and did a small bowl with a single dragonfly on today which Pete will polish tomorrow. Had an email late last night from a woman we saw at Hyde Hall who is interested in a larger version of one of my decorated hollow forms she saw there so need to get back to her.

    Think we are to tired to bother with a meal now so its cheese on toast all round.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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