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Thread: Thursday 6th

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    Default Thursday 6th

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    Morning All

    Another good walking morning, then back to restart the pencil cases. This is after I messed up one at the weekend and lost interest!

    I did a survey for Lloyds business banking in December got contacted last week to do the next stage, all booked in for yesterday afternoon and have got paid 100 for my story, so a happy bunny. Next step a photographer will come round and take my picture, now not so keen on that. Wonder if I can lose 2 stone and have plastic surgery in the next 2 weeks, lol. This image along with my story then goes into their magazine and website, eek! Wonder if sales will go up?

    Back to today and must get those pencil cases finished, not sure would do again (unless they prove popular) as getting the zip in is a real pain. May have been easier to cut the long bit in half and add a seam allowance, put the zip in flat first, then stitch the seams. Now why did I not think about that in the first place? A design flaw on my part!!!!!

    HAGD x

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    Morning all! Sun shining at the moment, but lots of autumn mist around although lifting quickly. Forecast says heavy rain from lunchtime to teatime, but we'll see; they got it wrong yesterday - forecast for dry but we had mizzly rain nearly all morning.

    Yesterday a mixed bag - managed to do a batch of apple & walnut chutney, and boiled up the apple cores and skins I'd been saving and put them to strain for the juice. Spent the afternoon and much of the evening labelling and updating stock list and production records. Didn't get to any of the preparations for Sunday.

    Today, I have a few dozen jars to be packed in boxes and put away in the "maturing" storage area, raspberry vinegar to be finished off. Just finished dishwashing another load of the latest jars delivery, so they need to be packed away. Must get the non-consumable stuff for Sunday sorted and check list done, and start making some decisions on which jars/bottles to take even if I don't get as far as picking and packing. Have done fairs at this venue before, but not at this time of year so don't have any previous sales records to guide me on the sort of things that sell there.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk this morning Caroline, and that you can get the pencil case sorted out. I hate it when things go wrong because I've made a silly mistake and then I lose interest so it doesn't get finished.
    Lost track of what "the workers" are doing today - Mo and Dave? Wherever you are, hope it's not too stressful.
    How is the box coming along Lilly? Hope you made some progress even though you are so busy with other things.


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    Morning all.

    Lovely bright sunshine at the moment but drizzle forecast for later.

    In the shop today and out to dinner this evening with landlord / friend / neighour.

    Finished the Magnolia II bowl yesterday and started on the Christmas decorations. Got to get ready for an early start tomorrow as we are both demonstrating in Somerset at Yandles for the day.

    Bit late better be off to work.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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    Afternoon all,

    Bright and sunny here, colder but not too bad.

    Slow start to the day, not sure why, just didn't rush around so its all got later. Never mind

    Still trying to sort a new phone for him, before I buy another I am going to have one last attempt to find his old one using the Find my phone thing, even if the battery is flat it will tell you the last know GPS position so if that was in the house at a certain time I will know it is here just needs finding, if however it was somewhere else it is probably gone for good.

    More sorting and tiding of the upstairs. Getting my craft room back.

    Still working on the box and ideas for Xmas cards.

    Ever since I was shown putting the zip in first, my zipped sewing projects became much easier and enjoyable, one lives and learns through our mistakes, hope the next ones are easier Caroline.

    Sounds like you are working through the fruit and veg Linda, hope the rest of the day is as productive.

    Have a good day in the shop Mo.

    HAGD everyone.
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