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Thread: Wednesday 5th

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    Default Wednesday 5th

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    Morning All

    Must make the most of a dry day and get the bed linen washed and a load of clothes. Not sure where all this washing comes from!!

    Farmyard Manure and compost being delivered today, rather a lot of bags but will stock us up. Good job remembered to ring the Farm shop yesterday or would have missed the delivery day. Spent a lot on not much yesterday, mainly a pair of secateurs and a foldable saw for Lee as his have worn out and very old. Five plants and a cake, so naughty but feeling lazy and the Loseley Cakes are delicious. Salted caramel yumm!

    More cross stitching for me today, plant some cyclamen in the chimney pots, hence the compost delivery. Reading and that will be it.

    HAGO x

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    Morning all. Cloudy and cool but not too bad. Should brighten up a little this afternoon.

    Yesterday, achieved more than expected as between morning chores and going to see my friend in the village I managed to get everything prepared for beetroot & orange pickle, then got it cooked and potted when I got home. Didn't get the washing up done though, so had to do that this morning.

    Today, usual chores done and laundry already in the machine; hoping to get a batch of the Chrtismassy Apple & Walnut Chutney done. Not sure if I'll get anything else made today as lots of labelling (what's new?) to do and have an event on Sunday so need to start thinking about what to take to that and get prepared.

    Sounds like you've got a reasonably steady day today Caroline.
    Who's got chance to catch up on their own stuff and do a bit of crafting? Hope some of you get chance to catch breath and enjoy a few moments to yourselves.


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    Morning all,

    Bright, sunny but cooler here. Excellent drying weather, so I too am going to get a couple of loads done.

    More tidying up and sorting out the craft room and spare room. Once done a hoover throughout upstairs then its that done for a while.

    Have to pop out and go to the chemist, and see if I can get him a phone, he lost his, going to try for a second hand one, he will probably lose this one too eventually

    In between all that more box finishing.

    Have a good day everyone.
    Just so you can see my work, my FB page

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    Belated good morning all.

    Internet problems this morning so only my phone to access sites and I have never used Craftforum via my phone and can't remember the password its been so long since I logged out LOL Electrician who installed it now been and sorted it but waiting for a better router to arrive. If it goes again at least I know what to look for and what to wiggle LOL

    Beautiful warm sunny day, verging on the hot now. Able to have breakfast in the garden before starting work. Finished the latest Magnolia platter for Pete to polish later and now working through a large batch of Christmas decorations while Pete is making lots of earring stands. All rather boring production work but has to be done the first Christmas event will be upon us before we know it.

    Both of us are demonstration at the Autumn event at Yandles in Martock on Friday so need to have enough work at varying stages of completion. Pete will be there Saturday as well but I'm in the shop. Although not a sales event we do occasionally sell the odd piece there so worth taking a few different items. Obviously the place is full of woodies who make their own as Yandles is a supplier of timber, machinery and tools for every type of woodworker. But sometimes something catches someones eye and they buy. Mainly it gets us known for tuition and demos as all the south and west clubs will be there.

    Oh well better get back to it. Hope everyone day of chores, gardening and housework goes well.

    Mo XX
    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie

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